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You Have Many Options When It Comes To Finding A Bed And Breakfast In Michigan

by on May.14, 2013, under Vacations

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Any regular traveler will tell you that they will choose a B&B over a hotel any time. In general, this is because of the personal service which is offered at these places. A B&B is simply the better option. They usually have a guest fridge in the room with a small table serving coffee or tea and their beds are usually of good standard and the linen is always fresh. If you want to experience the best service around, then you would be wise booking a stay at a bed and breakfast in Michigan.

B&B hostesses are really kind, generous people who are willing to go out of their way to please you. They will even run errands for you if you ask them. In general, a B&B is a more homely experience. You do not get the same feeling at a hotel where you are one of many guests.

One of the many advantages of staying at a B&B is that you do not have to be up at the break of dawn to get breakfast. The hostess will serve you when you want to eat, so you are not strapped for time. You will usually be served cereal with hot or cold milk, a cocktail of fruit, then a plate of warm food with eggs, bacon toast, sausage and tomato.

Breakfast will usually consist of a fruit cocktail and a cooked meal. If you are still hungry you can ask for a serving of cereal with hot or cold milk. Unlike hotels, this is all served to you when you want it and not at a set time.

Generally one stays over at a bed and breakfast for a day or two. Usually, no longer than 5 days are spent at such a place. However, due to the excellent service, one is always tempted to prolong their stay.

Unfortunately the price tag for staying at such a place is a little higher than that of the normal hotel, but that is because of the personal service which guests get. When staying at a bed and breakfast, you are not just a number on a door. Here you matter and the staff make an asserted effort to get to know you on a different level.

One will almost always find that a B&B is near to a heritage site or in a tranquil area. You will normally find hotels on the outskirts of a busy road. Most people prefer to stay in tranquility, and it is for this reason that B&B’s are becoming so popular.

Although there are many benefits to choosing a B&B over a hotel, there are still a few things to keep in mind. You may not always get all the privacy you want, and then there is of course the chance of sitting at the breakfast table with another guest who dies not know when to stop talking. Before making your booking at a bed and breakfast in Michigan, make sure you ask the hostess to answer any question you may have. In most cases you will find that they are more than willing to accommodate all of your needs.

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