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With the perfect middle ground between budget and luxury hotels, Birmingham has you covered

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Budget has recently become THE primary concern when traveling, and as such a variety of independent and chain budget hotels have made their presences felt across the country of late. These hotels however are generally rather uncomfortable places to spend a night and the luxury alternatives are too expensive for anyone working to a budget.

The general consensus when shopping for a hotel is that you can either go budget or luxury, but there is no reason why you can’t have a bit of both. Thanks to boutique budget hotels, there is no need to compromise on price or quality. Forward thinking, cost cutting building techniques standardized in Japan (including cutting down on storage space for short stay rooms and not including the standard budget hotel bar and restaurants that very few guests care to visit) have been adopted by numerous British companies and the result is easy to built, compact hotels. These savings are passed on to the consumer in both the price and in the quality of the rooms.

Many budget boutique hotels will be located in city centers to provide easy access to a variety of restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars and shops. They will also be sited to provide uninhibited access to the motorway with all precautions taken to ensure suitability for disabled clients. A hotel located in the centre of Liverpool for example would be close to not only the central dock area but also to the busy bar and restaurant district centered around Matthews street.

The main facet anyone is interested in when it comes to budget hotels is of course The Rooms and though you might be traveling on a budget there is no reason why you shouldn’t be comfortable. Rooms in most budget boutique hotels will be sparsely and elegantly decorated with a distinct modern feel and they will include all the amenities you’d expect to find in hotels costing almost twice as much a night. Widescreen, plasma TV’s with pay-per-view and free-view, luxurious fittings, modern, en suite bathrooms facilities and high-speed wireless Internet access.

As you can see there is no reason why you can’t have a little bit of luxury for very little outlay with boutique, budget Hotels. Birmingham alone has at least 10 modern independent and chain hotels that adhere to these specifications so if you’re staying in the city centre you should never need to compromise again.

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