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Why your Baby Car Seat won’t fit properly no matter what you do.

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I like to call it the reality check guide because no amount of instruction or well made product is going to show you how to actually install a car seat. Even though the instructions are indeed thorough, the manufcaturers of baby car seats have forgotten to take something very crucial into the installation equation.

The thing they forget is the most obvious one – cars. They come in all shapes and sizes and this means that the seats on which you are installing your infant car seat are also different shapes and sizes. This means that your baby capsule or seat never quite fits how it should.

There are plenty of services that you can use to install your baby car seat for you, but I am against this because at some stage you are going to have to remove the seat for cleaning or moving stuff or whatever, and so you may as well learn how to do it yourself the first time and get it right then. Save yourself some money in the process too! If you have ever had to clean a carseat then you will know that It’s a regular ramadama dingdong trying to figure out what that mess actually is.

I cannot even count how many different cars and car seat combinations I have encountered, but needless to say, I have learned first hand how each seat requires a different approach, and only logic and some clever thinking can help install the car seat the way it should be installed. Let’s look at what has worked for me.

The services that install your carseat always seem to make the seat fit snug when you leave, but soon after you notice how unsecure it feels, and that is why I am against these install services

In many instances, the seat will fit snugly without any modifications being done, and if this is what happens when you install your infant car seat, then you have no problems and should probably not even be reading this article.

THe secret is in the towel, and as silly as it sounds, this simple fix can make the seat go from being a little wobbly to totally secure and safe. But sometimes the fix is even more simple than that.

The reason for the baby carseats not fitting securely is to do with the shape of the backseat of the car, and because the baby seat is designed with a curve, if the angle on the backseat is not right, the curve allows the seat to roll back and forth, and sometimes side to side! Using a towel can fix this, but not always.

The rocker bar is a plastic insert that some models utilise that allows the seat to go from slightly inclined to more upright, and this bar sticks out from the natural curved frame of the seat itself. By removing this bar completely (this is easily done) you can eliminate any rocking motion that the seat had previously as it now fits snugly with the upright seat of the car

You can read countless guides and tips on how to install a baby car seat, and they may or may not help, but it really comes down to following the instructions and if there is still some wobble in the seat, applying a bit of logic and a towel or two. Always keep the child’s health and safety in mind and keep within the law as well of course.

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