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Which is Better: Luxury or Budget Holidays

by on Jun.24, 2011, under Travel

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The recession has changed some things about the way we go on holiday at the moment, and not necessarily in the ways you might expect. It’s true that in general people aren’t spending as much on holidays, but it’s also clear that many retailers have slashed their prices in order to draw people in. This leaves you with the question of whether you get tempted to spoil yourself with a luxury holiday, or go for a more standard option in order to make money go further.

The advantages of luxury holidays are fairly obvious. You’re set up in plush accommodation, given privacy, and also usually given enough staff to see to your every need. This is perfect for when you need some time feeling pampered, as it removes you from responsibility and puts you in a position of being very much in charge of your holiday experience. Often luxury hotels are a great way for couples to get a bit of time to themselves in an environment which doesn’t ask anything of you.

But you have to take into consideration what will actually make you feel most comfortable. It may be that you feel romance isn’t suited to a situation in which you’re closeted in your room, and removed from the place you’re staying in. On occasion 5-star luxury can be a bad choice for you. Just because it’s luxury doesn’t necessarily translate to a better experience, and if you’re going to blow a lot of money on something it makes sense to consider what would be your ideal holiday, instead of letting what’s seen as the most idyllic guide you.

The great thing about budget holidays at the moment is that they’ve got cheaper. As part of the drive to get people to go away on holiday, and spend money which will rejuvenate the economy, companies have made deals better for the consumer. So if you’re happy to spend the cash at the moment you’ll find that it goes much further.

So think hard before you choose where to place your cash. It might be that the holiday you’ll treasure for always isn’t necessarily the one with the most luxury.

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