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Geographically speaking, a third of the world is compact with lush vegetation and man-made structure inundation. There are seven continents and approximately 196 independent countries with others left undiscovered. All of these have great things to offer. Things that can surely illuminate the real meaning of one’s existence when explored. Journeying the wonders of nature is like getting into an introspective journey to oneself. But before getting out of the borders of South Florida, one should uncover the staggering sights of this beautiful land through a free tour of Miami.

Miami, famed for its powdery shores and turquoise water, is just the very tropical paradise budget-conscious individuals haven been in search for. Travelers who never want to spend not just their energy wandering about but money for famous attractions and activities can definitely find everything they need here.

When tanning requires a tiny penny, basking under the sun-drenched shores of Miami necessitates not a nickel. Some people say there is nothing in this world that for free, well then here is the answer. The beach of Miami is all for free. Women hell-bent on getting sunkissed tan skin only need some bosom buddies to make their free tanning session not so boring.

As the sun sets and every part of the shore gets dark, live music awakens the dormant nighttime scene as the disco lights start grooving all the way to the daylight. Guests coming in the bars an hour before midnight can enjoy live performances with lofty drink prizes. One has to be 21 or over to be able to enter, though.

As for those who love to stare at mystifying frescoes deciphering the actual motivation of painters to do such wonderful creation can walk through Little Havana every last Friday of the month. Calle Ocho transforms into open-air gallery where hundreds of sculptors, artists and musicians gather together. The sidewalks during that day will never only showcase several artwork but will also be filled with live concert.

If is not enough, interested individuals can visit the Miami Art Museum for different contemporary art collections. Guests are given free admission every second Saturday. But since this is not like the one at Called Ocho that is a whole activity, parties interested should be there between 1 and 4 p. M.

Wandering around the Centre Gallery also requires not a nickel. Contemporary art exhibitions are showcased each day. And though this is located inside the campus, people of all walks of life are welcome to view the modern architecture and artwork.

People who want to learn the history the city may take unpaid tours on Sunday afternoons. Professional storytellers will be there to regale audiences with all their fascinating tales. Travelers can also take self-guided walking tour all the way to South Beach from the famous area of the city where they can find well-known art deco architecture.

Getting lost in the city is definitely exciting. With the free tour of Miami that offers not just fun and excitement, the entire escapade can be a breeding ground of a wonderful lore and experience as well.

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