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What You Need To Know About The University Of The Sunshine Coast

by on Jun.07, 2011, under Vacations

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There are a lot of reasons why the University of the Sunshine Coast is a great choice for getting an education. Obviously it is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and that does make it more appealing. There is more than just incredible beaches and a busy city life that is attractive about going to school here. Just check the Good Universities guide to see why it was awarded the five stars for teaching quality.

The campus is known for being laid back and relaxed, mainly because that is the Australian way of life. Students enjoy the regular sightings of kangaroos and appreciate the helpful support staff at USC. Whatever you need to be a more successful student is available here. Whether you need tutoring or want some assistance when entering the job market, there is help available. There is also a full range of counseling services from financial to emotional assistance.

One of the more popular aspects of USC academics is the flexibility within many of the programs. A well rounded person is a better person and because of that it is possible here to take a variety of electives, even those completely unrelated to what you are working towards. There are over 100 degree programs that encompass everything from health to engineering. So many choices and the flexibility make it easier to give yourself a wider area of career opportunities.

One of the ways that USC prepares students for future employment is through the experience that work integrated learning offers. Different programs of study will add work experience in different ways. Imagine the fun of studying journalism while being right in the middle of a busy newsroom. Becoming a teacher seems so much more a reality when at the first semester you find yourself in a classroom, on the other side of the desk.

There is financial assistance of different varieties available to help even with those that want to study overseas for a semester. It is easy to check out the different scholarships available and the list of financial support by checking the school website. There is even flexibility with the course load that you need to take. Sometimes things happen and the load needs to be dropped or the student will likely be unable to finish. It is just one more way that USC helps preparing people to face the challenges that come after college.

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