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What to expect on a Cruise

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Whether it’s a luxury 5 star cruise around the world, or an all inclusive family cruise along the coast, the range of activities on board a cruise ship these days is almost endless. The modern cruise ship caters for young, old and everything in between these days. People under the age of 16 are absolutely spoiled for choice with group activities and the most modern games, people above that age are spoiled for choice in the finer things in life like food, beverages, spas, health & fitness and toddlers are not forgotten either.

The recreational activities on the Carnival Cruise Line, for example, are inclined towards teens, but there are a handful of perks for kids under the age of 9 as well. The expansive outdoor pool, large water park, 10 whirlpools and 22 foot screen for movies is most inviting on Carnival, followed by a host of recreational fun divided into categories depending on age.

Ages between 2 and 5 are normally catered for in the toddlers groups and will get to do things like art, coloring and singing to name a few. Kids between 6 and 8 are normally seen as the junior category and that get to take part in excellent activities like talent shows, karaoke and scavenger hunts. The teens – and the pre teens – have a mountain of things to do. Many of the activities are water based in the host of pools that are aboard all the modern cruise vessels, but there is also multiplayer computer tournaments and energy sapping adventures like rock wall climbing and sometimes even ice skating, depending on the ship.

Any chance to get away from it all and relax is something to look forward to, and taking a trip on a cruise-ship is just the chance you might have been looking for. Studies have shown the most people who take a cruise say they achieved a general sense of well being and relaxation whilst on their journey. For many passengers, the adventure of sailing through crystal, azure waters combined with day trips to exotic destinations is an absolute thrill. Combine this with the pampering and services on board an you are looking at the vacation of a lifetime. Some of the companies best known to achieve these goals with are Carnival Lines, Royal Caribbean, Holland America Lines, P&O cruises and Cunard – to name a few.

Cruise companies have a number of ways to relax, but one of the most common is spas. These can be taken on board in most cases and some also offer land based options. The on board option is undoubtedly the easiest and different companies go for different options like Eastern Traditional style, high tech cardio options and general fitness centers. If you are interested in taking full advantage of these kind of facilitates, it is best if you can find a package with all this included – which really is most of them. Add to this the options of multiple indoor and outdoor pools and whirlpools, and you will find it hard to to enjoy yourself.

If you are looking for a little adventure there are often casinos on board to play a hand or 2, shore excursions and deck games for all ages. Researching the activities you specifically desire prior to booking a cruise is key to a memorable experience.

Action is often an unlimited component on many cruise lines starting with Wii consoles streamed through large screens, special game kiosks for children, cooking classes and the Royal Caribbean’s full size boxing ring to name a few. That’s not all; there’s also surf and theme parks, innovative yoga, extensively kitted out gyms and skating rinks to explore.

But when it comes to the best all-inclusive perk it has to be the dining. With meals included on nearly all cruises, shopping around the myriad of restaurants on board can be the most delightful experience of the trip. There are some packages that have restrictions on beverages, so make sure you check exactly what’s included before you sign up. But the dining options on board all the leading companies are world class and offer a range of choices encompassing flavors from around the world and menus prepared by world renowned chefs.

In the last ten years, cruising has become the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. Due to this we have seen both the amount and quality of cruise-liners improve dramatically. Ships on a scale never dreamed of before are being commissioned every year with some carrying as many as 4,500 people. They are no longer just large ships that traverse the seas to get from one place to another, but rather, regal floating cities with destinations set amongst the most beautiful places in the world.

Cruising can be the most entertaining form of vacationing in the world. To discover more about the type of cruises available, check out Cruises Australia and get a full rundown.

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