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What to do around Perth, Western Australia

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Perth is the worlds most remote capital city – it’s nearest neighbor is Adelaide (the capital of South Australia) is 2500km away. With a population of around 1.8 million people there are plenty of things provided for in town, but also within a short drive in most directions you can find even more to do. For this reason it is best that you get a car when visiting, in fact it is better to get a campervan or motorhome, this way you can drift from place to place as you see fit and spend the night wherever you want.

To the south of Perth is the famous Margaret River wine region. Known for it’s delightful wines you can also indulge in beautiful food and amazing surf. There is even one beach there where stingrays come to the shore daily to feed on the left overs that fisherman throw away when they clean their fish. Standing knee deep and realtively still, you can have the stingrays glide past you like a cat as their flaps brush up against your legs. I’ve done it and I am still alive to tell the tale so don’t worry. There’s a sheep farm in Margaret River that has camping facilities with all the amenities you could want including a nice social communal kitchen and open fire which everyone gathers around at night. This place, along with all the good camping site around Australia can be found in Camps Australia book which is highly recommended (at time of writing Camps is up to version 7).

Heading north from Perth, a few hours along the coast road, is the famous sandstone phenomenon of The Pinncacles. These make for a great trip out of Perth and stay the night at the nearby town of Cervantes. However, as you travel up there, make sure you take the time to stop in the little town of Lancelin. Lancelin is the home to an awesome sand dune parkland and you can rent sand boards from some of the stores in town and really let loose some energy. If you’ve never sand boarded before, don’t worry it is pretty much like snowboarding. If you never snow boarded before, don’t worry, you’ll have a great time learning. I even took the dog on the board it is that easy. However, keep in mind it can be quite tiring, so only rent the boards for a few hours. If you’ve got a 4WD campervan, you can drive it right up to the dune you want to surf. If you have a 2WD, it’s probably best to park out on the road and walk in. The park also opens up opportunites for 4WD vehicles to really tear it up for a while as the sand is pretty well packed in most places and you are unlikely to get bogged. But remember to deflate your tires a little if you are really going to let loose. After you’ve done some boarding and got covered in sand, it is only a short way to the beach where you can wash off, and continue on to Cervantes and The Pinnacles.

There are tons of things to do in Perth itself and Tourism Western Australia has recently produced an exciting new promotional video clip showing some of the stuff you can find to do there. You can find it on the Tourism Australia YouTube channel. There is a also a cool listing of things to do on Trip Advisor called “77 things to do in Perth.”

Perth and Western Australia are a beautiful and amazing part of Australia. It is huge and contrasting in every way and the best way to see it is with a rented campervan or motorhome where you can set your own timetable, stay where you want, get up when you want and move on when you want.

Tim Ahern has over 5 years of world travel under his belt with over a year spent in a 4 wheel drive campervan around Australia. It is no wonder that motorhome hire in Australia is his preferred method of transportation for visitors. If you are looking for motorhome hire in Perth you should visit his campervan review site to find out who the best hire companies are.

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