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What Happens In Las Vegas Hotels?

by on Apr.10, 2011, under Vacations

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As soon as the name Las Vegas is mentioned we all automatically think of it being a town full of casinos. Yet when you do visit this city which is of course is world renowned for its gambling you will find that there are plenty of other great things to do and see. In this article we take a look at some of the others things happening in this city in relation to what happens in Las Vegas hotels.

When you come to Las Vegas then take a trip to the New York-New York hotel in order to try out their roller coaster. As you will discover this is unlike any other roller coaster you may have seen before as not only does it run outside the hotel but also inside. Since it began running in January 1997 this particular attraction in Las Vegas has every year seen 1 million visitors enjoy all the thrills of it.

This ride begins with a steep hill to help build up the suspense and anticipation of it. Then as you head out of the hotel you are offered an aerial view of the strip from the southern end before you then begin to plummet down a steep drop measuring 144 feet. The rides intensity continues as you make your way through a set of different loops, corkscrews and hills. If that wasn’t enough to make this ride exhilarating it can also reach a speed of 67mph.

Another place to go when you want to see what happens in Las Vegas hotels other than gambling is the MGM Grand. This hotel has within it a feature that has become increasingly popular over the years. The Lion Habitat which cost $9 million to build allows you to see up close African Lions enjoying themselves and who remain the logo for MGM.

However you won’t actually see the same lions in this place every day as they arrange for them to be changed over during the day. But they don’t spend all their lives in this enclosure when not in the Lion Habitat at MGM Grand they spend the rest of their time out at the 8.5 acre ranch that is situated 12 miles from this amazing hotel.

However if you are looking to do something a little more exciting than view lions or ride a roller coaster then head over to the Stratosphere. You can do a sky jump from here if you want that is very similar to sky diving but your free fall is controlled.

After reaching the area where this particular attraction is located you will find yourself placed in a harness and then attached to a vertical zip line. Once you feel ready then you dive 855 feet from the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Tower to a mat that has been placed on the ground below. As you ride down this zip line you may well find yourself reaching speeds of up to 40mph and the breeze you feel as you do descend to the ground is unlike any other you will feel.

Above we have taken a look at just a few other things in relation to what happens in Las Vegas hotels. So it may be advisable when you decide to take a trip to this truly amazing city that you spend at least a week there enjoying everything that it has to offer.

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