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Visiting Central Portugal for a Holiday

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Portugal beckons the visitor with snow-capped mountains and lush green pine and eucalyptus forests in the North and Central areas, to stunning cliff-lined beaches in the South. The area of Portugal often tagged the “Green Heart” of Portugal, is the Central region. This is due to the beautiful covering of pine and eucalyptus trees over the valleys and mountains. Natural beauty is prevalent in this area. Outstanding natural beauty is impossible to avoid in Central Portugal.

Arresting rural Central Portugal and the wonderful beaches of the Silver Coast are explored more beneficially by car. For the more active, Central Portugal offers a variety of adventure attractions. These include mountain-biking, hiking and kayaking. River beaches are a superb alternative to those on the coast. They proffer many facilities such as bars and restaurants, pedal boats and a scope of water sports. A different place to take a look at is the Montebello Golf and Spa resort, set in a wonderful, relaxing environment. Or a trip to the historic university city of Coimbra could be an alternative.

Central Portugal’s main city is Coimbra, yet, from 1139 to 1260 is was the capital of the whole of Portugal. Central Portugal’s main tourist attraction is the University of Coimbra. It is situated on a hill that prevails over the city and it is the main seat of learning in Portugal. The university has a exquisite Baroque Chapel; a Library which boasts over 300,000 historical books and complexly decorated ceilings; and in excess of 32 acres of 18th century Botanical gardens seen as some of the most fabulous in Europe.

Coimbra was formerly a Roman enclave of the Aeminium, and some remains are still there, i.e. an aqueduct and cryptoporticus and the nearby ancient city of Conimbriga has some of the most outstanding Roman ruins to be found anywhere in Europe. There are also some estimable museums in Coimbra, celebrating other periods than the Roman era. There is the Museo Nacional Machado de Castro, seen as the most significant in Portugal and the City Museum.

Making its way via the whole of Central Portugal is the strong Mondego river which is the life-blood of the locale. Coimbra is where the river is at its most dramatic after its voyage through the villages, towns and mountains. It is viable to enjoy the river in many ways. Either by kayak, ferry ride or sitting having a cold drink on its banks.

The populace of Portugal are well known for their warmth, friendliness and hospitality, in no way is this more so than in the area of Central Portugal. At the start the language can seem unmanageable and challenging but still making the endeavour of learning the basics and trying to talk to locals in their own tongue will gain you many more smiles and very regularly lead to a free glass of home made wine or port.

On average 30% of the country’s native populace work abroad at any one instance. The Portuguese populace have a history of migrant working. Those who opt to visit, live or work in Portugal are greeted with a very accepting viewpoint from the Portuguese community. This is due to the fact that on average, 30% of the population work abroad.

Central Portugal has a large assortment of places to visit and experiences to be had. It is a region of amazing natural beauty imbued in history, custom and culture. The region is surrounded in magnificent natural beauty, is overflowing with history, culture and tradition.

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