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Using Stuffed Unicorns To Decorate

by on May.21, 2013, under Vacations

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Every little princess wants to live in a magical, enchanted land where fantastic creatures surround her day and night. You can make this happen for her if you are willing to undertake just a bit of work and show a lot of creativity. Get your stuffed unicorns ready, because they are an important part of this project, and will make her love your efforts even more.

The first thing you will need to do when starting this project is to select the colors you will be using. No matter what your princess prefers, there will be a wide variety of decorative options to choose from, so make sure you end up with a palette that she will love. Everything else will fit into this first choice, so make it a good one.

From this color palette, select a shade for the walls in the room. Usually, this should be a lighter color, because if you choose a darker one, it can make the room look too small. Once the paint dries, you can also think about placing borders around the room, or even about using stencils to give it a more personal touch with shapes and patterns that will be very unique.

Your room is likely to already have furniture in place, but if you want to go the extra mile, you can try upgrading a few pieces to some that fit the new castle theme of the room. If replacing them entirely seems a bit too much, you can always try customizing things like dressers and bedposts with a new coat of paint or decorations like ribbons and rhinestones. You will be surprised how much their look can change with just a few small touches.

Curtains and bed linens will be your next considerations. Many retailers have sets available that will handily match up with your new royal theme, so look around to see what you can find. If nothing strikes your fancy, and you have a bit of skill with a sewing machine, you can also make your own for a personal touch.

There are so many types of plush unicorns out there that it can be almost overwhelming. Whichever ones you choose to include, however, your princess is sure to love them. Decide on a few that you think will look the best, and do not hesitate to include more than one type. The more unicorns inhabit this magical realm, the more she will love living there.

Finally, it will be time to reveal the end product to the room’s new inhabitant. For an extra treat that she will love, lay out a sparkling princess costume dress on the new bed so that she can put it on and start her reign right away. She will love the room, and you will love how happy you have made her.

While children of all ages love stuffed animals, there is just something special about unicorns. If you can harness that magic by including stuffed unicorns in your next decorating project, you are sure to end up with a result that enchants and delights the princess in your life for many years to come. She and her friends will love imagining themselves as royalty surrounded by enchanted creatures.

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