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Useful Tips in Hiring a Travel Guide

by on Mar.30, 2013, under Vacations

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So you have finally decided to visit a another country for the first time.Hunting for uk cheap holidays 2013 has been done and you have now packed your bags and are ready to go. Now, you have arrived at your destination. Now what? You are now contemplating where you want to go that’s amenable both to your interest and preference. Consider what kind of activities you want to indulge in. How much should you shell out for these activities? Your Lonely Planet guidebook all of a sudden seemed to contain ver little information.

No website or travel guidebook information is more comprehensive than that of a reliable travel guide. A good guide is more than just your companion. He is a bank of information, who explains to you the story behind each attraction, natural wonder, or cultural activity you encounter. He is a consultant, who can recommend you good places to visit, restaurants to dine in, places to stay, or activities to enjoy. He is your security officer, who makes sure that you are protected from scams. And these are just some of the benefits you get from a trustworthy guide.

Hold on! Was trustworthy ever brought up? The only way for you to make sure to reap the benefits at its maximum is if the right guide is chosen. It is tough to pick out the right guide, however, as their are a lot of poseurs out there. So, who are you going to choose?

1. A guide with a license is preferable. A certified guide can offer excelent guideship services. He knows he represents not only himself but also his company and country. To make a good impression, he won’t trick you and he will only offer you the best.

2. In many places in the world, licensed travel guides may not be available. The “guides” may just be local residents or officials who are familiar with the place. These makes them even better than licensed guides. But since they are not licensed, the satisfaction of service delivery may not be assured. There are signs that you have to watch out for when hiring unlicensed guides.

* Demanding money for every service – you can spot untrustworthy guides easily by judging their attitude about money.

* Making you pay every step of the way – guides who are not legitimate can be spotted right away with the way they regard money and payment. If he asks you to pay up every step you take, then that definitely is a neon warning sign. You have to keep in mind though that you don’t have any obligation to pay him for services that were not expressly specified and made clear before he was getting hired. You should make sure that terms and conditions are made clear prior to hiring him.

* Different languages spoken – it is important that the guide of your choice knows how to speak English. This way, communicating becomes easier and more convenient for the both of you. Learning a few words and phrases in the local dialect will prove helpful for you. Remember, you don’t want to concede to agreements that you barely understand.

* Asking for money during a free event – be wary of local guides who ask you for settlement if you wish to attend a supposedly free local ceremony. For instance, do not give in to a guide who demands money if you want to engage in a supposedly free wine tasting or tea tasting event.

* Off the beaten path seems to be too “off” – some malicious people make up sites of interest, knowing that you are eager for witnessing something different. Be cautious! These may simply be a scheme to drain you of your hard-earned money, and the “attraction” may just be a mediocre or uninspiring one.

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