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Used Golf Equipment Can Save you Money

by on Apr.04, 2011, under Travel

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If you’re a golfer you know that it can be an expensive sport to indulge in. Aside from green fees and rental costs, the golf equipment can put a dent in your bank account. If you want quality equipment but don’t want to spend a fortune then think about buying used equipment. Even if your budget allows for luxury golf items, you could find a real deal and save your spending money for custom items.

Golf clubs are something that an enthusiast has usually worked years and spent hundreds (if not thousands) to collect a set that works best for him or her. Finding a set of golf clubs for you can be very difficult but if you’re patient and not tied to a certain brand then you can find suitable ones. If you are left-handed then you might be surprised to find a set for you since the majority of golfers are right-handed. Searching at thrift stores or garage sales can be a daunting hunt but if you’re looking for other second hand goods then you might get lucky and find some clubs that work for you. Normally it’s not recommended to buy golf clubs that aren’t perfectly suited for you but if you’re just starting out then buying a second-hand set that’s not 100 percent perfect is fine; you can upgrade once you improve your golf swing.

Golf shoes are another accessory that you can find gently worn and many times in almost new condition. You can many times find quality brand name shoes at a fraction of the cost especially if you have a common shoe size.

Used golf balls are great for practicing at the driving range or for the beginner golfer. These are many times sold at golf shops. If you’re an experienced player then you know that the type of golf ball really does matter and you probably have your favorite brand. If you’re picky then you’ll have a hard time finding a set of balls but you might have a better chance at a shop that specializes in second hand golf equipment.

Other golf accessories are a better find since they don’t need to be customized. Ball towels and washers are likely finds at thrift stores and more specialized accessories such as head covers and cleat wrench kits can be found at a golf shop that specializes in used items.

A golf cart can be an ideal second-hand purchase. Many golfers want to upgrade their cart and therefore want to sell their perfectly good old golf cart. These can be found by looking in the want ads or online sale and auction sites. Make sure you take it for a spin before committing to anything.

Don’t let a tight budget stand between you and your golf game. Look for gently worn second-hand equipment and hit the green.

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