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Understanding Food Culture When Travelling

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Food is one of the most important aspects of the travel experience. Sometimes, food can make or break the situation. People can love the place because of the food while others can dislike the place because the food was not satisfying. Some people may read hotel reviews just to know things about the food while others read restaurant reviews to get accurate information and recommendation of what to eat in the place.

It is a fact that people worry about what they can and should eat. Not everyone will like the food just because it is popular in the world. People have different taste buds and preferences. Some may like spicy dishes while some prefer savory dishes. Some may be okay with oily food while others who are healthy conscious may not appreciate greasy dishes. However, when you are travelling to a country, you need to respect the locals and the dishes they serve. In most cases, there is a story behind a particular dish. It may represent the town’s culture and history. In fact, it will be good if you can ask locals about it. While you are at it, you should also ask about the proper way to eat the dishes. If they tell you to slurp, slurp. If they tell you to use your hands, then go and use your hands. This is part of respecting the tradition they have.

When dining out in an unfamiliar restaurant, it is always best to keep things simple. Never order dishes that you are unfamiliar with. This will lessen the chances of you being disappointed and embarrassed. What you can do is to ask the staff about the dishes. Ask the ingredients and how the food is prepared. You can also ask for house specialties. Most restaurants will boast of their best dishes to have people try them. Believe the starred items in the menu as they are, more often than not, tried and tested by ordinary people and gourmet experts.

It is equally important to watch your health when you eat out in a restaurant. It is always easy to indulge more however you can never bring back things once you swallowed them. This means that you have to take care with whatever you put inside your mouth. Here’s the thing. If you cannot finish the dish, don’t finish it. If you know you cannot finish the whole portion, request for it to be halved. You can tell the staff to pack the other half for take-out. If you have friends with you, share the meal with them. This way, you will not be tempted to finish the whole thing.

Meals are crucial in every single culture. It is an identifying factor when travelling. However, you’ll find really no rules about food. You need to simply be thankful and become grateful inside your way. In the event you can’t take advantage of the taste, no less than respect the one that prepared it to suit your needs.

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