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Travel To Iceland Is Like Entering A Northern Wonderland

by on Jun.05, 2013, under Vacations

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There are fewer countries in the world which are located further north than Iceland. This island nation is a country of active volcanoes and spouting geysers, of boiling mud pools and endless summer nights, of epic landscapes and thumping nightclubs. Anyone who wants to experience something uniquely inspiring should make sure that they travel to Iceland.

Many people will be familiar with some of Iceland’s more famous cultural exports, especially musicians such as Bjork and Sigur Ros. The capital city of Reykjavik is one of Europe’s hippest capitals, with plenty of cool bars and clubs to explore. But it is outside of its towns, in its wild countryside, where Iceland really comes alive.

Iceland was formed as a result of volcanic activity, and there are still active volcanoes bubbling away here, altering landscapes within days and weeks, rather than the usual aeons of geological time. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is responsible for this activity, and there is a huge amount of geothermal activity. The countryside is littered with features caused by this activity, such as geysers, hot springs and pools, boiling mud, and petrified lava flows.

Eleven per cent of all of Europe’s glaciers can be found here, and they still scrape and shape the landscape in a much slower way than the volcanoes do. Europe’s largest glacier is located in Iceland. All of which leaves little space which is actually inhabitable for the total population of 300,000 people.

The sheer number of glaciers means that there are some dramatically impressive landscapes to be seen, and more wildlife, especially birdlife, than you might expect. There is an enormous amount of space and peace too, with the empty landscape possessing a savage and defiant beauty. Pollution is minimal, and this really is one of the world’s unspoilt environments.

There is also the weather to enjoy, though that might seem unlikely when looking at the location of this beautiful country in the North Atlantic. The summers here are actually surprisingly warm, and the landscape takes on a lush, green beauty which only grows as the days stretch out from spring onwards. Anyone who enjoys photography or painting will find plenty to inspire them here, with the mountains, ridges and petrified streams of lava offering some alien looking landscapes which could not exist anywhere else on earth.

But even the winter is beautiful in Iceland, a time when the eerie lights of the Aurora Borealis twinkle and flicker across the dark northern skies. The landscape is empty and starkly striking. You also do not to worry about staying warm inside either, as the country’s enormous reserves of geothermal and hydroelectric power keep everybody comfortable, with little cost to the environment.

Travel to Iceland is full of possibilities, and is almost entirely different to anywhere else on earth. Its people are hospitable and warm, and its landscape magical. Whether you like hiking, photography, socialising or a host of other activities, you can find them here.

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