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Travel insurance is not an optional extra. It is an integral part of any break. Travel insurance is designed to protect you when plans go wrong and problems arise during your excursions. Travel Insurance is as essential as your prescriptions, toiletries and camera when you’re heading off on vacation. Travel insurance is insurance that is intended to take care of your medical expenses, financial losses (such as money invested in non-refundable pre-payments), and other losses that take place while travelling, either within your own country, or in other countries. Travel insurance is the best way to offer yourself peace of mind and minimise the considerable financial risks of travelling and as a percentage of trip costs, typically ranges from 4 to 8%.

Brokers normally maintain contact with a wide range of travel insurance companies and might be able to give you assistance in finding the travel insurance that is most suited to you. Insurance policies and their provisions usually become activated as soon as payment is made so you can buy your policy online at the last minute. This is particularly convenient for those travellers who have forgotten to purchase travel insurance and need to do so just before departing at the airport. For a couple, travel insurance will be less costly than for two single adults, and cover for a family with young children does not usually cost much more than cover for a couple. Communicate with your provider and they should adjust your travel insurance policy in compliance with your requests and potential risks you might face during your trip.

Travel insurance is the one and only tool you need to prepare for the unexpected on a trip abroad but bear in mind that most sections of your policy have limits on the amount the insurer will pay under that section.

An insurance air travel policy will cover you whilst you’re on your plane if you’re in an accident, no matter what the financial state of the airline is. There are regular insurance providers who will cover travellers for adrenaline sports such as bungee jumping or skiing and not at high prices. These are just a couple of things you may not have known about travel insurance.

There’s no legal requirement for you to have insurance when you travel abroad but if you find yourself in a situation that puts strain on your safety or finances you’ll bless the day you took a policy out because travelling with no insurance puts you at serious risk which you might not be able to handle. The good news is that travel insurance is getting cheaper so now hopefully more people will realise that travel insurance is indeed a wise decision.

If you’re about to buy your cheap travel insurance on the internet, check out our great value and trustworthy travel insurance policies.

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