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Tourism in Hong Kong

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They call Hong Kong the ‘City of Life’ because it has always been so vibrant and full of energy. It’s a city that’s both exotic and cosmopolitan making it a perfect destination for first time travelers to Asia. Being a former British colony, there’s enough English signs and people able to speak the language there to make it a user friendly place. At the same time, it’s foreign enough that tourists will definitely feel that they are not on a typical beach vacation. Even after the U.K. gave Hong Kong back to China, this Chinese government designated ‘Special Administrative Region’ has not lost its dynamics. The communist government realizes the importance of Hong Kong as an economic giant and is so far adhering to a two system coexistence for China. ‘Hong Kong’ means ‘sweet harbor’ in the Chinese Cantonese dialect which is fitting as there’s so much in the city to stimulate all of the senses.

You will find basically two major regions of Hong Kong. 1 being the Hong Kong island itself and also the other getting the Kowloon peninsula that is around the mainland across the harbor. The new international airport is but on an additional island and transit for the city might be through train, bus or auto. The bridge that connects to Kowloon could be the world’s longest road and rail bridge.

When in the city, one will comprehend that Hong Kong is really a really busy spot with people today everywhere. It has among the densest populations as nearly all of the 6.five million inhabitants live in high-rise buildings due to the lack of land available. In truth, one purpose why there seems to be people today on the streets through all hours which includes the evenings is due to the fact men and women there desire to take a break from their tiny apartments and get outdoors for some space. Hotel accommodations are in every spending budget range on each the Kowloon and Hong Kong island sides. Getting across the harbor is fairly simple. One particular can take the harbor ferry which actually has distinct class levels (the greater levels are slightly far more costly however the views are improved). There is also an underground tunnel that taxi cabs can take and like a lot of other main cities around the globe, Hong Kong also has an underground subway transit method. This subway also goes underground beneath the harbor connecting the island to Kowloon. You can find double decker buses in Kong Kong along with double decker rail street automobiles over on the island. A single way to see the a variety of commercial districts around the island will be to remain around the streetcar for an entire loop that will take riders suitable across the downtown regions such as several of the street markets.

Hong Kong is often a contrast of old and new. You’ll find old temples and monasteries scattered all through. But there’s also that gigantic present day skyline of tall skyscrapers that can make most North American cities seem tiny. There is even the world’s longest outdoor escalator right here. A have to do in Hong Kong is always to go to the top of the mountain of Victoria Peak on the island either by bus, auto or perhaps a special tram they have there to see spectacular views in the complete area. You will find also tours from the boat village exactly where a community will take tourists about the bay in certainly one of their boats. One thing that is certainly pretty intriguing to find out in Hong Kong may be the early morning exercising sessions in a number of the neighborhood parks. Just about every morning, there are crowds of locals, quite a few of them seniors, who meet up in the parks to exercising and do tai chi.

With over 9,000 restaurants, dining in Hong Kong is also an fascinating knowledge. There are all kinds of international cuisine but not surprisingly, the Chinese fare is what most visitors come here for. From stylish dining to busy dim sum houses to street stalls, there is so much selection of food that it’s not possible to sample anything. There are even the significant floating restaurants which serve the freshest seafood catches.

Of course, there’s the shopping experience in Hong Kong. Being a duty free port, there are many bargains in Hong Kong especially for textiles and electronics. Hong Kong is famous for its custom tailors who can make up a new suit within a day or two. As for electronics, for some reason Hong Kong always receives the latest models first even before North America does. Browsing through the many outdoor markets for souvenirs is another favorite activity. Be aware that bargaining is common in the markets so it is recommended to get an idea of typical prices from the retail stores first before going for deals at the markets. Kowloon has a few specialty markets worth visiting including the jade market, bird market and flower market. One must be extra careful at the jade market because if the prices are too good to be true, the pieces are probably not real jade. The night market which operates only during evenings is also fun where there are all sorts of merchandise available from clothing to toys to gadgets. There may also be entertainment such as Chinese opera on the streets during the night.

The Po Lin monastery on Lantau Island near the airport has the world’s largest outdoor Buddha. Visitors climb the steps up to the statue and there are some nice views of the scenery up top. Lantau Island can be reached by ferry via local tour companies who will also take tourists to local fishing villages. Hydrofoil crafts can take casino enthusiasts to Macau which has also been returned back to the Chinese government. There are also tours into the New Territories beyond Kowloon to see more secluded temples and countryside farms as well as other shopping opportunities located in nearby Chinese mainland towns.

It’s unbelievable just how much there’s to see and do in Hong Kong even inside its reasonably compact geographical location. There are a lot far more exotic sights and cuisine there that one particular simply cannot experience in the usual North American Chinatowns. In the same time, Hong Kong is so easy to get about with its effective modes of transportation and wide selection of services offered in English. Tourists will never ever really feel too lost even in a higher activity spot like Hong Kong.

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