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Top Winter Sun Holidays And Winter Sun Destinations

by on Aug.31, 2010, under Travel

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While some individuals prefer to take Winter Sun Holidays to experience cool sea breezes, others prefer more Sun. As such, Winter Sun Destinations can often provide such relief. For, whether one travels to The Canary Islands, Mainland Spain, Madeira, North Africa, Cyprus, Malta, the Cape Verde Islands or other Winter Sun Destinations, one can often experience warmer weather.

However, as each area offers different experiences for such travel, one may want to research each area to see which one finds most interesting. For, while there are some which focus on relaxation, others focus on more active lifestyle choices. So, one can choose from a variety of countries based on such activities and interests.

For example, if one wishes to travel to the Canary Islands, most often one is going experience the Spanish Sun like never before. In addition, one can choose from one more more of the four islands to visit. All of which are unique with warm climates and cool sea breezes.

Although, while the Canary Islands just off the coast of Africa may provide Spanish Sun, so too Mainland Spain. For, when it comes to Spain, one can not only enjoy the Spanish ambiance, warm climates and great people but some of the best Sangria in the world. As such, Mainland Spain is recognized as a leader when it comes to such Winter Sun travel.

Whereas, Madeira, an island paradise off the coast of Portugal often receives less attention yet remains an excellent location for such a holiday. For, with a constant warm climate, island visitors which are attracted often find a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere than in many other areas. In addition, although less traveled, one can still enjoy a variety of hotels, shopping and fine dining while visiting Madeira.

On the other hand, Agarve which is located on the coast, can provide a great deal of free activity along a beautiful coastline which features pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs and secret coves. In addition, this area also offers additional off-road activities such as biking and sight-seeing. As such, the area also offers a bit more variety when it comes to such activities than do other Winter Sun Destinations.

While, a bit newer with regards to Winter Sun visitors, the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean are quickly becoming a popular destination for such travel. In addition, although such islands are considered African, flight times average only six hours. As such, many individuals living in the UK find the islands a more affordable way to enjoy the Sun and warmer climates during winter months.

Of course, if one is planning on a journey that will take one to North Africa, one may want to make reservations well in advance. For, with a focus on a more active lifestyle and warmer climate, this has become one of the most popular of all such Winter Sun Destinations. As such, it is good to book resort or other reservations as soon as one knows the dates which one would like to reserve.

Of course, Cyprus is yet another destination which can be reached by plane within hours from the UK. Although, while perhaps not offering as much in the way of active sports, one can enjoy some of the best winter weather to be offered. As such, with a combination of luxury, gorgeous beaches, great food and a vibrant nightlife, one may actually feel more at home while on vacation in Cyprus, especially since individuals drive on the same side of the road as do drivers in England.

Another notable area in which Winter Sun Holidays and Winter Sun Destinations have become popular is that of Malta. For, Malta unlike other areas tends to hold more local flavor. In addition, with reduced Summer rates for activities, food and lodging, this can also be one of the more economical of all such countries to visit.

Therefore, as Winter Sun Holidays can be found in a variety of Winter Sun Destinations, one no longer has to wait out long Winter months before one can enjoy the warmth of the Sun. So, if one is looking to escape the cold, rain, wind and snow of Winter, one can often find relief by traveling to such a country. However, one may want to research what different countries offer in the way of activities and relaxation, as most vary greatly in such regard.

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