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Tobago Holidays You’ll Never Forget

by on Feb.24, 2013, under Travel

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Do you want that perfect tourist fantasy of a holiday on a beautiful island? Search no further than Tobago. The home of the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere is waiting for you.

This tiny island is a paradise for lovers of water sports and relaxation. Favorite destinations for Tobago holidays Pigeon Point for snorkeling and its perfect water for a day cruise on a glass-bottomed boat. Man-O-War Bay has an excellent, secluded swimmer’s beach with crystal blue water. Englishman’s Bay is a beloved area. It is right at the edge of the rainforest and yet still in a perfect location to take advantage of the local bars and restaurants. Once the sun goes down, it’s time for Sunday School. Br prepared, this school is actually a street party moves and dances along the boulevards to the local music, Soca!

Don’t take only our concept for it however. Tobago has been recognized by underwater traveler Jacques Cousteau for its beautiful coral reefs. Some of them are located close to Tobago’s coast; making snorkeling a trendy task and a special part of your Tobago holidays. One of the best locations to go is the Buccoo Reef, a protected marine park. Countless holiday tourists who come here do so only to snorkel here. A mask and two flippers are your ticket to probably the most impressive ecosystems you’ll have the opportunity to explore.

David Attenborough’s “Trials of Life” was partially filmed at the Little Tobago Seabird Sanctuary. This sanctuary has been a must-see destination for decades in what is truly a nature lover’s paradise. In fact, Tobago holidays offer the amateur and serious bird watcher an incredible 210 species of birds unique to the Tobago area. Three types of marine turtles call Tobago their home as well and there are areas all around the island where you can engage in whale watching.

Apart from the sanctuary, dry land on Tobago provides a range of ancient forts for the whole family to see as well as countless nature reserves to hike through. You may also take in Tobago customs in the galleries and art museums, or absorb the local style within the traditional styled villages; Charlotteville, Castara and Charlotteville are among the more popular areas. You’ll find impressive golf courses at the Tobago Plantations and Mount Irving Bay.

Maybe you would love to have a quick holiday from your Tobago holidays? We’ve got a wonderful plan; Trinidad. Tobago’s nearest neighbor, Trinidad is the wild cousin in our quiet, little sister. The birthplace of Calypso and famous for its carnival event held each year, every holiday visitor will find something to love concerning this amazing island.

If you can make it here in July, you’ll be present for the Tobago Heritage Festival. Every year at this time, we proudly proclaim the village of Buccoo as the Crab and Goat Racing Capital of the World. If you can’t be here then, there are other dates in 2013 to look for. Carnival is held in February on the 11th and 12th. In April, we hold our 5th Annual Jazz Festival and in May, a Yachting World Regatta will make for some of the most amazing scenery above the water.

So welcome to Tobago Holidays! We hope to see you soon!

Looking to take time out from your routine life and want to take a vacation, then take a trip to holidays in Tobago and enjoy your stay at Tobago.

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