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Tips for budgeting on your holiday

by on Jul.27, 2011, under Travel

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If you’re not careful holiday spending can get out of control. Now more than ever people are shopping around for the best deals to get away, but being careful with your money needn’t stop once your plane lands on the other side. With a little forward planning and sensible shopping you’ll be able to make the pennies stretch just a little further.

A large part of a holiday budget often goes on food and beverages. Many people choose an all-inclusive resort to take the stress out of budgeting for meals. Another option is self-catering. If you’re content to cook on holiday and you’d rather trust your own culinary ability than take a gamble on hotel food this can be a fantastic way to save money.

Whatever your eating arrangements, come up with a daily budget and aim to either stick to it or underspend. It’s always better to end up with more money towards the end of the week than less – as you come to the end of the holiday you’re more likely to want to spend a bit extra on luxuries. If eating at restaurants never just wander into the first place. Look around for special discounts. If a host is touting for business, tell them about the nice restaurant you were going to go to, and ask if they can offer a better price!

Because holiday resorts know that many tourists will at some point need suntan lotion they charge over the odds. By bringing plenty of your own you can make sure you don’t have to pay a ridiculous amount once you reach your destination. Many airlines don’t offer complimentary food and the food they do sell is usually expensive and not very filling or nutritious. Making sure you eat properly before you leave and perhaps even bringing packed food with you will make sure you don’t waste money before you’ve even taken off!

Nobody wants to constantly worry while on holiday about what they’re spending, but at the same time if you don’t act sensibly you’ll only regret it later on. Take pleasure in the things that can come for free – fantastic scenery and friendly locals for example – fantastic news for your budget. And don’t feel like you have to buy tacky souvenirs for absolutely everyone at home!

Pay for all your food and drinks before you go away, with holiday deals all inclusive.

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