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Thinking About Going on Algarve Holidays in May First?

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Algarve is a place that has so many festivals in any given month. May is one of those months that have multiple celebrations, maybe because it is a month that gives way to spring after the frigid winter days. Well, whether you are a native of Algarve or a tourist coming over for a short cheap holidays 2013, the first of May should be a good start for the month. Dia do Trabahaldor is celebrated on the first, in fact, which is Labour Day in Portugal. It is the day for all workers in the whole of Portugal.

Portugal celebrates the economic and social contributions of its working class heroes on the first of May. These are the people that have gone through a lot just to provide for their family’s needs. This is a public holiday or day of festivities held in honour of working people. And the best place to hold these festivities at is in Algarve.

This is the best day to hold their festivities because this month has the clearest of weathers, after to cold winter months. It is quite normal to see Portuguese families coming out in droves to celebrate Labour day very first of May.

In April of 2006, I had gone to Portugal on a business trip. I wanted to leave on the 30th of April, but my colleague convinced me to stay until the 2nd. “You have to see how we celebrate May Day,” he said. Out of respect and curiosity, I decided to say yes. I was intrigued how different Labour Day in Portugal could be different as in my country, we observe Labour Day through protests and rallies. On May 1st, I was geared to be herded into a pep rally into the city, but what I was met with was a total surprise. My friend and his family took me to this roadside clearing where we set up for a picnic. It was surprising to see other families there with bottles of bubblies too, just like we had, as if in celebration of something.

May 1st brings a lot of alterations to the fields in Portugal. In ordinary days, several spots by the roadsides are virtually abandoned. On the first of May, these spots are suddenly teeming with families and groups of people enjoying a picnic under the Sun. The Portuguese like their celebrations simple, it seems, and instead they apparently prefer to spend that day with their loved ones with a quiet picnic under the warmth of the Sun. Aside from that, we were dealt to a parade by the local fire and police departments who came out in full force! “Now this is one great way to remember Labour Day!” I thought to myself.

Of course, May 1st is not the only festival in the Algarve and is only one of the many reasons to visit the area for your excursions. If you are interested, click here for more details on how you can book luxury holidays to Algarve in May and what options you have in terms of air fare and hotel accommodation.. This article, Thinking About Going on Algarve Holidays in May First? is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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