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The Vision Of The World’s End By Way Of The Mayans Was Twisted By The Thought Of An Apocalypse

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The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) reported that the Judeo-Christian perspective of the apocalypse led to an easy interpretation of the Mayan vision of cosmic cycles as well as resulted in the alleged prophecies of the end of the world.

Experts say cited by INAH in a statement, “It was discovered that the Mayan writing meant end of the cycles, among other things, when the Mayan writing was began to be deciphered; thereafter it became an easy interpretation from the Western thought’s perspective, connecting this to an apocalyptic vision of the world’s end.”

Mario Aliphat and Rafael Cobos, the two Mayan experts agreed that it was the western messianic thinking that twisted the world view of ancient civilizations such as the Maya.

Aside from that, they mentioned, it made it possible for the “modern prophets” to commence projecting the assumed “end of the world” from the end of a period along with the beginning of one other, which generally corresponds to an account in the Mayan calendar. The experts will meet so as to talk about the prophecies of the Mayan.

“To ascertain Mayan prophecies about 2012″, sixty Mayan culture specialists will meet from November 27th to December 2nd at the VII Round Table of Palenque, in a town of similar name, close to the Mayan archaeological site in Chiapas, Mexico where a special session will take place.

Experts said that only two Mayan glyphic texts among the 15000 known, mention the year 2012; the very first of these quotations is in the 6th monument within the El Tortuguero archaeological zone, in the town of Macuspana, plus the 2nd, in the town of Comalcalco, both in Tabasco state.

According to the epigrapher Carlos Pallan, also the author of a guide to the Mayan calendar,”The ancient Mayan time consisted of concrete cycles, which were personified by animated beings and had their own name; one good example is, the 400 years cycle or baktun was represented by a mythological bird”.

The rituals of the Mayans were created to make the subsequent cycle positive plus there’s “certain emphasis” that in 2012 a calendar cycle was to occur, which was “the heart of the confusion,” he said. Aliphat and Cobos also said that the whole Mayan ritual system was attempting to forecast the suitable or the wrong dates for planting, harvesting, and even war by means of astronomical observation.

The Mayan Calendar And Its Cycles

Experts say, the Mayas made new cycles having long duration, which in turn made it possible for them to determine dates from earlier, mythical as well as future times.

According to the Mayas, each single cycle was comprised of 400 years and each was composed of 13 cycles, which leads to a total of 5200 Mayan years (5125 in accordance with the Gregorian calendar), and in line with that account, the existing era ends on the 23rd of December 2012 and a another one will commence.

Experts also said that the Mayans believed that the end of each era the cosmos regenerates, hence completing a cycle of creation.

Experts will discuss many different aspects of the research with regards to the interpretation of the hieroglyphics plus some aspects of the Mayan calendar in the Table of Palenque.

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