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The Very Best Of Thai Culture & Food

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Perhaps you have found some of our previous posts exalting Thai food and celebrating its rapidly growing popularity in the west. The country, based in south-east Asia, has given the world dishes that have soon found their way onto restaurant and pub menus. To highlight Thai culture and cuisine, this write-up will cite a few lesser understood facts about Thailand and her people.

Tucked beside Vietnam and Malaysia, Thai’s are proud to call themselves children from ‘The land of the free’. That’s due to the fact that while colonialists from Europe, particularly the UK, Spain and France, took hold in nearby countries, Thailand remained independent. Perhaps this is the sole reason behind Thailand’s range of unique spices and tastes.

Famed for their hospitality. Thai people are regarded as some of the friendliest people on Earth. In polls from a number of travel guides the natives of Thailand have been found to be the most welcoming in gracious. Writing for Maclean’s magazine, Chris Robinson shares a story of meeting a Thai shortly after his arrival. Shortly, thereafter Chris went onto to be introduced to the family temple and to meet his family – all without a common language.

Thai cuisine blends various sweet, spicy and sour tastes roused by a limes, fresh chilis and garlic. A pillar of Thai food is rice, particularly jasmine rice and you’ll find this complimenting many foods. Should you ever grace Thailand your typical day may consist of Chok for Breakfast, Khao Phat Kai for lunch and Panang Curry for dinner. All favourite dishes among Thai People and the many tourists who come to visit.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this brief run through of Thai food and culture. While we hope this article has aroused thoughts of travel to this south-east Asian paradise – Don’t worry. As Thai Caterers in Swindon and Wiltshire our role and purpose is to bring Thai cuisine to your table. If you have any further enquiries, please get in touch.

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