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The Most Impressive Reptile You Are Going to Ever Meet

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You can find many different creatures walking on the Earth, and they are grouped together as mammal, amphibian and reptile. Humans as well as whales, dolphins, canines and felines are considered as constituting the mammalian family. On the other hand, we have those animals that are able to live both on land and in water as amphibians. Reptiles have scales and use lungs, as opposed to the amphibian breathing mechanism of gills.

The Earth has been the home of reptiles for many years now, perhaps millions of years now.The most important example of a reptilian species is the now-extinct dinosaur. These are basically the largest reptiles to live off the Earth. Their existence, however, had been cut as a result of an extinction level event. Archeologists are in an agreement that it was a meteor that struck our planet, and raised up so many dust from the impact into the atmosphere to block the Sun. It is an educated guess to be exact, but one theory is that these great beasts were starved off because of the lack of vegetation and animals to feed on as the effects of the meteor impact carried on for thousands of years. Creatures that lived under the sea were able to survive the event, and these included the sharks that have been known to live since the time of the dinosaurs. You can still glimpse today the dinosaurs through their descendants, the crocodiles.

The saltwater crocodile is the largest species of the reptilian family, and the largest of the crocodiles as well. The saltwater crocodile is said to grow up to more than 20 feet, although sexual maturity is reached at around 11 feet in length. The current record in the Guinness Book for the largest saltwater crocodile is at 6.4 meters or 21 feet, a male captured in the Southern part of the Philippine Islands.Sexual dimorphism results to females being smaller than the male, and the largest female saltwater crocodile is currently at 14 feet.Though potential sizes vary from animal to animal, a saltwater crocodile can only grow as large as it could depending on the availability of food sources. Older crocodiles occupy territories that cannot be taken by younger and smaller crocodiles, so younger crocodiles have access to typically less food sources.Saltwater crocodiles bred for parks and reservations may also grow bigger if provided with enough sustenance to nurture and sustain their growth.

You can find saltwater crocodiles spread out evenly through parts of Asia. Their range spans Northern Australia and as far northwest as Southeast Asia until India.This wide range of distribution is because of the crocodile’s ability to live in both water and land, from which it is named. In places where it establishes a habitat, a saltwater crocodile is found usually in rivers, swamps and estuaries or wherever it could find food. You could meet these animals by signing up for adventure tours at Travel Wild. Travel Wild will take you to Kakadu, wherein you could also find other species of wildlife. It is a good chance to observe estuarine crocodiles, at a safe distance of course.

Taking a wildlife tour is one excellent way of spending a weekend or a holiday. Childen will find these tours very exciting while at the same time they learn something new that will be beneficial to them..Adventure tours can also expose us to the underappreciated beauty of nature, and let you acquire a respect for it. Please enquire for more information here.

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