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The Many Adventures of St Maarten and St Martin

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St. Maarten St Martin is the smallest twin-nation island in the world with half being French and half being Dutch governed. However, there is some dispute about that due to folklore about when the French and Dutch were fighting over the island in the 16th century during the days of pirates and tall-ships.

The folklore says that after many wars and lost men on both sides, the French leader and the Dutch leader agreed to meet and settle the dispute about where to draw the border so they could all live in peace on the same island.

Well, after many bottles of rum and no doubt a few bloody slashes later, they were still not at peace so they set each other a challenge. The challenge was to race around the island in different directions and wherever they met, that would be where they drew a line and split up the island in two.

So they drew a line in the sand, set off in the heat with their troops to walk around the island hoping to divide it up evenly between them when they reached the other side. The nostalgic version of the legend says that the Dutch, as prone to a few drinks then as they are now, had to take a nap half way round because they were too drunk, so the French had the better of the Dutch in the end – they netted 20 sq miles and the Dutch only 17 sq miles!

Despite the odd skirmish in the past, it is now a peaceful, neighborly affair which has benefited both sides tremendously and grown St. Maarten – St. Martin into the cosmopolitan, exciting, tranquil, picturesque, beautiful and inspiring island paradise it is today.

Living in the Caribbean for over 13 years and having frequented most of the other islands in the region, I can personally tell you that St. Maarten St. Martin is by a long way the best island – to visit and to live on.

There are 37 beaches for each of its square miles and with a rough hilly landscape with sweeping valleys and large open lagoons, St. Maarten St. Martin has a lot to offer in both natural beauty and exploration.

The recently built $90M Princess Juliana International Airport in St Maarten St Martin is a hub for, and largest in the region. if you’ve ever contemplated what it would be like to sit within 50 ft of a landing jumbo jet then this is for you! It’s not a cooincidence that St. Maartens’ airport was recently featured on the History Channels’ wrongly named ‘Worlds Most Dangerous Airports’ (wrong because there’s never been a serious accident here – fingers crossed).

One of the joys of St. Maarten St. Martin is its proximity to other varied and fascinating islands – you have the volcano-like Saba with its tropical rainforests and cliff-side hiking trails, there’s the completely flat Anguilla with its classy hotels and world-class beaches, and then there’s St. Barths – renowned as the chic French playground of the rich and famous. And they are all within eyesight and 10 – 20 mins by plane (which can be an experience in itself! – St Barths was also on the top ten list!).

If you like dining then you’re also in the right place – St. Maarten and especially the French side – St Martin, is regarded as the dining and gastronomic capital of the Caribbean and some of the restaurants here are in a league of their own! From Argentinian to Thai to Mexican and Creole, to the classics of French or Italian, or the budget-friendly ‘lo’lo’s’, you’ll find them all here.

Accommodation on St Maarten St. Martin is diverse – you can stay in a low-cost guest house, a high end resort, hotel or a 5- star villa replete with an entourage of cooks, maids and butlers, and an infinity pool with an ocean view!

In the timeless words of Jimmy Buffet – ‘cheeseburgers in paradise’ have never tasted so fine!

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