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The Highest Tides in the World!

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The Bay of Fundy is a 170-mile-long, straight-sided, slightly funnel-shaped bay which splits at its northeastern head into 2 narrow bays, Chignecto Bay and the Minas Basin. It was formed as the continental plates parted millions of years back. As they split, deep rift valleys formed, which quickly filled with sediment washed in from the land. The Bay of Fundy is one of these age-old rifts.

The great tides of the Bay of Fundy are due to two unique characteristics of this finger of the Gulf. The bay itself is U-shaped, and tapers quite a bit at its northernmost end. Naturally, as the tide flows into the Gulf of Maine and enters the Bay of Fundy, it rises up in response to this constriction.

Similarly, the time it takes for the tide to move up the Bay of Fundy is pretty much the same as the time it needs for the tide to come in from the open Atlantic. This means that the tides range is multiplied, like the effect produced by youngsters sloshing water into waves in a bathtub. These 2 factors, combined with several lunar features, make the tides of the Bay of Fundy a natural wonder of the world.

Visitors to the region speak in wonder of the “tidal bore,” a tiny but fast paced wave of water that travels out in front of the tide. Every day as the tide rushes in, the tidal bore speeds across the the mud flats and up the Bay of Fundy’s coves and streams, in turn bearing a rich load of nutrients into the Gulf as it ebbs.

Drawn by the nutrient rich waters flowing from the Bay of Fundy and the resulting abundance of phytoplankton and fish in the area, the whales – like humpback, minke, sei, and the rare right whale – come to feed and court.

Spotting the important part the waters around Grand Manan Island play in the life cycle of the endangered right whale, the Canadian government established a seasonal Conservation Area from June to October each year. The areas around Grand Manan and nearby Roseway Basin are the only known locations where right whales can be seen in the summer and fall, according to reports.

For more information regarding the highest tides visit bayoffundy.com. Here you’ll also find loads of fun tidal activities like the reversing falls!

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