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The Greatest South America Vacation Destinations

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For a tremendous holiday break that gives you both plenty to see and plenty to do, it is hard to better the southern half of the Americas. In point of fact, a large number of terrific South America vacation destinations exist to be taken advantage of. Such locations include those outlined in the paragraphs that follow.

To begin with, Brazil’s Rio de Janiero is a perfect place for a perfect holiday. An eclectic mix of Africa, Europe and America with a notable Brazilian veneer, this place is teeming with culture and beauty. And there are a lot of natural wonders to see as well.

An example of such great natural beauty is the Tijuca National Park, which is home to the Corcovado. The scenery of the city itself, built in a mountainous area and surrounded by sea, is a feast of nature. In any event, Rio de Janiero is one place you will not regret going to.

A second Latino location that may appeal is Argentina’s Buenos Aires. Regarded by many as the Mesoamerican answer to Paris, Buenos Aires plays host to businessmen and artists who can live here affordably. The previous sentence shows why the Parisian comparison is often made.

Because of this attraction, the city has invested in clearing away its slums for development. Hotels, restaurants and art studios have replaced the abandoned warehouses of old. Restaurants are a particular feature of night life here, as Argentinians are in the habit of dining late.

In contrast to these places, quite a few people are put off by the idea of taking a trip to Santiago, located in Chile. It is easy to see why this is the case upon first glance. This is because the city center is polluted with smog, and that is not many holiday makers idea of a good place to go.

If you direct your gaze beyond the city center smog, however, there is a lot to appreciate. The Barrio Brasil sector, for example, is a charming area with a bohemian and artistic community that compares well with that of Buenos Aires. The Andes mountains that lie to the city’s east are as beautiful as the scenery that Rio de Janiero has.

For the pure naturalist, though, the Galapagos Islands to the west of Ecuador cannot be beaten. These islands were the place Charles Darwin went to on the HMS Beagle during the 19th century when studying nature. And the wildlife here was the inspiration for his evolutionary ideas.

In addition to the teeming flora and fauna that dot this archipelago, many animals also make this area their habitat. Seals, crabs, lizards, iguanas and sea lions thrive abundantly here. It is small wonder, then, that Darwin was able to find inspiration in this remote yet beautiful place.

To sum up, several of the greatest South America vacation destinations can be seen from the above paragraphs quite easily. The continent generally ranks higher than most places for a good holiday. But keep the locations listed above in mind if you want to get a lot out of being here.

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