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The First 10 Hotspots to Tour Around in Amsterdam

by on Aug.16, 2011, under Travel

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Amsterdam is not only the capital city of Holland; it is also the largest and most famed city of the country. In the Dutch Golden Age, it became one of the worlds most important ports. It was then the number 1 center for finance and diamonds. It is now famous for being one of the great cultural and entertainment cities of the planet and its galleries, musums, famous red-light district and pot coffee shops are visited by millions of visitors from around the world. It is also a particularly affordale destination, particularly if you use the many discounts on offer e. G the lowcostholidays discount code or other vacation discount offers. This next list provides 10 of the high spots of this entrancing city.

1.Van Gogh Museum

This Art Museum features the creative masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh, a world renowned Dutch painter. It has the greatest collection of his work in the entire world.

2. The Famous Red Light District

Also known as Rosse Buurt, De Wallen or Walleties, this is the designated place for legalized brothels in the capital city. In addition it is the hottest and greatest such area in the world. Within the network of roads as well as alleys often rented out by sex therapists it is presently a famous holiday maker attraction in Amsterdam.

3. Marijuana Coffee Shops

In these coffee bars, the sale of cannabis or cannabis for personal consumption is endured by the Gedoogbeleid or their local authorities. However , under the drug policy of Holland, licensed coffee bars can only sell these in small amounts.

4. The Rijksmuseum

This Dutch State Museum is built to give people an introduction to history, arts and crafts. It features large collections of paintings that come from the Dutch Golden Years. It has also got 1 or 2 collections of Asian art.

5. Anne Frank House

This House is dedictated to Anne Frank, the Jewish wartime diarist who hid from the feared Nazi persecution. Their hiding place was saved as it features the life and times Anne Frank and her family had to endure at the time.

6. Stedelijk Museum The Stedelijk Museum

This Museum is regarded as the most influential museums for 20th Century art in the world. It features the modern and classic modern art of the capital city.

7. Amsterdam Museum

This Museum features the history of Amsterdam. It is currently called Amsterdams Historisch Museum.

8. Magere Brug

It’s the most popular bridges in Amsterdam. This normal double-leaf draw-bridge connects the banks of Stream Amstel. It opens each 20 mins to let boats go through.

9. Artis Zoo

It is the oldest zoo of Holland. It includes a zoo, botanical garden, planetarium as well as a geological & zoological museum. It has also got a canal aquarium showcasing the animals wandering Amsterdams canals.

10. Begijnhof

A narrow vaulted passage way would point you to this surprising garden which is encircled by old homes. The yard houses were once occupied by celibate Beguine nuns but even today, single ladies still live here.

These top ten things to see in Amsterdam have made it one of Europes most well liked traveller destinations. It continues to receive over 4.63 millions of visitors a year.

Alex Tatkanashi is a travel writer and blogger. He likes to put down some thoughts about backpacking and inexpensive travel using everything from the hotels4u discount code to the holiday autos promo code.

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