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The Economy of the Aztecs

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The economy of the Aztecs started only as an extremely basic outline that ultimately became intricate as the population of the Aztecs increased. The Aztec folks knew how to proficiently control all of their resources, therefore they had been able to thrive and develop regardless of the quite a few drawbacks that were given to them.

Agriculture: The Pillar Of Aztec Economy

Aztec were quite fantastic farmers and agriculture was the foundation of their economy. The Aztecs utilised the Chinampa way of farming which enabled the men and women to produce extremely flourishing gardens that not only let them farm the land but additionally let them reclaim the water.

They had been able to plant and harvest plenty of crops like sweet potatoes, maize, tomatoes, avocados, beans, squashes as well as other kinds of plants. While in the lowlands, tropical crops like papaya, cotton and cacao were planted and harvested. Chocolate, that is used both in liquid and solid form, made the Aztecs popular globally. When the Spanish conquered the Aztecs, they found out about chocolate and therefore chocolate was discovered and pass on across Europe. The crops that they planted and harvested had been their key supply of food considering that they hardly ever hunted animals as food, only consuming turkey as some sort of special occasion food.

Use Of Money In Aztec Economy

The Aztecs were unquestionably an advanced people considering the fact that they knew about the worth of money. Various sorts of money had been utilized by the Aztecs and the cacao bean was one of several regular money utilized by the Aztecs. For example, a small bunny would cost a person about thirty cacao beans, but if a person were to sell his own child (specifically a daughter), that man would gain about 600 cacao beans. Remember that selling one’s own kid was common for them and they even regarded self sacrificing one’s self as the greatest honor a warrior can get.

Apart from the cacao beans, the Aztecs made use of quachtli; a sort of cloth that the Aztecs actually treasured. It’s mentioned that this kind of cotton cloth was more valued than the cacao beans and if a popular man were given ten quachtli, than man can live for half a year in Tenochtitlan.

The writer is enthusiastic about Aztec history and has a complete internet site featuring the Aztecs. There you’ll be able to find facts about Aztecs including aztec economy. For more of Aztec history, see religion of the aztecs.

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