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Taking the world by storm as an expat

by on May.13, 2012, under Travel

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Wealth management means different things to different people, as does retirement. For some, it is IRAs and bank-manged stocks or funds. These are common types of investments. And for the vast majority of people whose life is restricted to suburbia, international investments, tax havens and offshore accounts are nothing but words. The thought of being able to make international business deals alongside multi-million dollar corporations seems like a joke.

If you are someone who enjoys international travel than the reality is your to grasp, and there’s no joke about it. In the modern age you can access a wide array of connections in all corners of the globe via the Internet, which means researching tax havens and making international investments are easily accessible. For this reason more and more expats are choosing to explore early retirement via living and investing in other countries, which is hard to grasp for some people who have been taught that only trouble exists outside of the borders.

Although it might sound like a fantasy at first, the reality is that retiring early is something that anyone can do. The U.S. is continuing to see costs that are three and four times more than most of the rest of the world, which means the average individual has a salary that can’t even cover their basic costs. The only choice is to start borrowing money from the bank and credit card companies to pay the bills, which means instead of saving money you are actually sinking further and further into debt.

This is where you can really see the power of expat living, because these entrepreneurs are going beyond the boundaries. Rather than relying on broken banking systems and failing governments, expats are choosing to make international investments in places like Chile or Brazil where economies are booming, jobs are plentiful and yet despite all of this the costs of living are three to four times less than in the United States. By taking control of your destiny you’ll find that the world is full of opportunities…you just have to get out there and grab them.

It’s so simple that even a child can understand the numbers. The average, ordinary salary of 25k a year after taxes in the U.S. will only cover your bare-bones basics, but in a country like Mexico where you only need 15k a year for an upper middle class life and suddenly you can start putting 15k a year back in your savings. Plus, whereas a house in the U.S. costs 225k for a 3-bedroom place, you can pick one up in countries like Chile for around 35 to 50k. It’s these types of numbers that allow expats the early retirement most people only dream of.

All of this is possible on a median salary. Imagine what you can do with $50,000 a year or $100,000 a year. The options to retire skyrocket the more money you make. When your cost of living is almost nothing and medical tourism gives you free health care on top of being able to completely control your income through intelligent living decisions, you will finally be able to see that light that so many other expats have already seen: you don’t have to be a millionaire CEO to utilize international investment opportunities to your advantage. All you need is an average, everyday median salary and you can be one of the elite who are retiring long before the age of 65.

Exploring an adventure abroad as an expat is something not everyone is cut out to do. There are many benefits, but also many pitfalls you have to learn to navigate to fully take advantage of being an expat abroad.

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