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Protecting Your Boat Trailer Tires

by on Sep.18, 2010, under Travel

It goes without saying that the tires of vehicles that bear any kind of weight ought to be in tip-top condition. The tires of your boat trailer are no exception given that they can be expected to handle considerable weight often at speed on busy roads. This essay is designed to provide you with a few tips as to what you can do to protect your boat from inadequate or deficient tires.

To begin with, trailer tires ought to be changed whenever they display signs of dry rot. This can be defined by a number of cracks that cover the entire exterior of the tires. After manufacture, if the tires are inspected they ought to be stamped with the date they were manufactured. It is best to aim to have your tyres replaced four years from the production date to ensure they are fit for purpose and you must by no means use tyres that are cracked regardless of their age. If your tyres are cracked they will be vulnerable to tread separation and may let water in. It is also wise to check the pressure in your tyres frequently.

Since tyres are primarily made of synthetic materials like nylon, if they are parked for long periods of time it may be possible that they get a compressed spot at the site they make contact with the tarmac. To avoid this you need to be certain to drive at lower speeds for the first few miles of your trip. This has the advantage of “warming up” your tyres, reforming their contour in the process, making it less likely that they may separate owing to extreme speeds.

For those serious about taking care of their tires they may want to think about purchasing a tyre protective spray. This can help to protect the suppleness of the tyre rubber protecting them in turn from dry rot and consequent cracking. Another good protective measure is to raise your trailer onto jacks for the times in the year when you are not using your boat. This can take the load off the tires and make them less vulnerable to flattening.

The sun may also be an enemy to your tyres. Covering them with ultraviolet light resistant tyre covers that reflect the sun’s destructive rays will preserve their life expectation. You need to find tyre covers that are manufactured with a light colored material, for instance an off-white or white vinyl, that will not only defend against damaging light but also against high temperature.

Having tyres that are in good condition will shield you from unnecessarily damaging your boat trailer, boat and the automobile you happen to be driving. Cracked tires could potentially cost you a major amount in repair costs should you have a tire blow out that results in a crash. Obviously more important than this is the risk to yourself plus your loved ones or friends if they are traveling with you at the same time as you happen to be towing your boat. The moral of this story is take care of your trailer tires and they will look after you.

If need to find out about boat trailer tires, visit Andy’s website where you van also learn about boat trailer jacks.

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World Images: Photography Holidays Booked With A Professional Guide

by on Jun.26, 2010, under Travel

Have you ever toured scenic parts of the world, snapping pictures like mad, only to come home with a load of dud shots? Frustrating as it is to try and capture the image in your mind, there are those with keen eyes who can help you on your way. Photography holidays booked with a professional guide may give you the edge when it comes to honing your skills.

For one thing, such tours employ staff who understand a region exceptionally well. They know where to find photo worthy scenes. Guides can advise on lighting and position. Some even made their living from photography before branching into tourism.

Namibia, Botswana and Tanzania are among the most sought after locations in Africa for snapping exciting pictures of wildlife and exotic scenery. Namibia, for example, offers tours that take guests through Namib-Naukluft National Park plus a ghost town and dune, all of which allow for practise with light and shade and how to breathe life into an unmoving subject. Explore desert, camp at Fish River Canyon, or wander a giant aloe forest before stopping in a village centre to shop and experience some of the culture.

Explore a spectacular giant aloe forest in Namibia. Camp out at Fish River Canyon or examine a ghost town. Capture the coexistence of wildlife and unforgiving desert from sandy dunes to Namib-Naukluft National Park. Guides will help you get close enough to get the pulse of your subject, helping you bring it to life.

In Tanzania embark on an exciting tour of the Ngorongoro Crater and take on the challenge of capturing at least some of what you feel in this atmospheric setting. Learn not just how to compose a good photo, but to add some of yourself to it. Meet some of the friendly Maasai, though avoid meeting any of the local lions if you can. They are one good reason for a zoom lens.

Europe must not be forgotten when establishing a photographic plan. Somewhere on your dream list place southern France. In particular, make your way to Camarque where a professional will aid you in shooting images of wild white horses galloping along the edge of the Mediterranean. Gironde features stilt fishing huts, marshland and quaint wooden boats. Develop your eye for background, foreground and balance.

Venice may draw lovers of romance, ancient art and history, but the relatively modern art of photography allows the folks back home to get at least a taste of the atmosphere. Bring them your view of Rialto Bridge or men pushing gondolas. Or try Iceland for black ash beaches and ice flows captured from a four by four. China awaits too, featuring terraced rice fields, laborers bent over their work under the sun or in the rain. Contrast villages and temples of ancient times with modern city structures.

Of course, Australia and New Zealand offer unique creative palettes to the photographer. Australia is a vast landscape unique in all the world with many types of wildlife that live nowhere else. There is a majesty in the empty harshness that inspires. New Zealand of course was made famous by the Lord Of The Rings movies and is wild and rugged; it is approximately the same size as the United Kingdom in land area, yet has a population of only 4 million. Solitude can be easily found – a rare pleasure in today’s busy world – and a professional guide can take you to places and people that you would struggle to find alone.

Learn more besides light and position with the expertise alongside you. Opportunities may arise to expand your computer knowledge. With digital cameras, using software to make the most of your hard work gets easier with more and more stunning results.

Are you interested in affordable NZ photography holidays? We’ve got the low down now in our comprehensive Photography tour New Zealand guide. Free reprint avaialable from: World Images: Photography Holidays Booked With A Professional Guide.

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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica – One of the World’s Most Amazing Beach Travel Destinations

by on Apr.02, 2010, under Travel

Welcome to paradise – the beautiful beach towns of Santa Teresa and Malpais. These surfing destinations are known for their amazing jungles, wild animals, beautiful sunsets, and great restaurants in a remote beach setting. Whether you’re looking for inexpensive backpacker hotels within walking distance of the beach, or ultra-luxury boutique hotels, Santa Teresa and Malpais have them both.

The instant you arrive in Santa Teresa and Malpais, you’ll find a very special place, quite unlike most other beach towns in Cost aRica. This town has been compared with Hawaii 40 years go, or the beach towns of California, but with monkeys, warm water, and friendly locals.

Even though Malpais and Santa Teresa are so popular, there are many beautiful beaches nearby that you can have almost to yourself. There are beautiful secret waterfalls, and point breaks for surfing that often have no one on them.

Santa Teresa is known primarily as a great location for incredible surfing. This remote beach town was unheard of only 10-15 years ago, but now is a favorite destination for surfers from around the world. Costa Rica and Santa Teresa’s surf is consistent year-round, as the area faces the open Pacific Ocean, with warm waters that are comfortable throughout the seasons. The Malpais/Santa Teresa area has many surf schools, surf instructors, and surf shops.

Many tourists come from South America and Europe, not only the United States and Canada. Many have stayed in the area and found a way to make a living by creating unique little restaurants, hotels, and rental houses. The food in Santa Teresa has become among the best in Costa Rica. Many five-star chefs have built restaurants here and do their own cooking, creating a plethora of dining opportunities.

The Santa Teresa area has also become known as a great surf destination among Costa Ricans as well. Many of the young people in San Jose drive to the various beach towns to surf on weekends, and many families head to the beaches during vacations. Malpais itself means “bad country” or “badlands” because of the lack of water during the dry season. The climate is similar to southern California, with hardly any rain at all from December through April, making it very popular among travelers during those months.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica offers a variety of luxurious villas and vacation rental homes. The most consistently popular are the beachfront homes, which always fulfill the tropical beach fantasies of their rental clients. These range from $350 to $2000 per night, although there are a few cheaper options. Even the highest price vacation rental houses are frequently booked, and many celebrities and movie stars have been seen here escaping the cameras of the paparazzi. This may be because Forbes Mazazine voted the beaches of Santa Teresa to be among the top ten most beautiful in the world.

Renting a vacation home in Santa Teresa has become increasing popular. Many tourists enjoy the independence of having their own rental villa instead of a hotel room, for the privacy and extra space, often at no additional cost. Plus it creates a very unique vacation experience.

Malpais area hotels are extremely popular as well, especially the beachfront ones, which range in price from $100 to $1000 per night for a room, depending on the season. Most Santa Teresa hotels that are beachfront have great surfing waves right in front. The owners are from different countries all over the world… Americans, Canadians, Germans, Italians, Swedes, etc. All have the same dream of living in paradise on one of the most beautiful beaches and passing that thrill to their hotel clients. The area has also become very popular for weddings and honeymoons.

Looking to find the best deal on Santa Teresa Vacation Home Rentals? Then visit www.malpaisbeach.com to find the best advice on Santa Teresa and Malpais, Costa Rica.

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