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Exciting Gateway Points To Mainland China

by on Jun.29, 2014, under China

China presents a combination of unique attractions dating from historical sites to present day civilization. It has something to offer for enthusiastic explorers, tourists, students, businessmen and people seeking to expand their horizons in life. It is a nation that captures the imagination of any visitor by its culture and creativity in every aspect.

The Chinese people have proven to be ambitions by creating renowned features that rival any other in the world. A natural skyline comes out of the creation of a city to present a picturesque gateway to mainland China. It opens opportunities for people to work by expanding the economy. A perfect example is the city of Pudong in Shanghai which is breathtaking viewed from Huangpu River.

The Mogao caves located on the Silk Road present travelers with a rewarding stopover. The 25km stretch is made up of 492 temples that date more than 1000 years. It served as a store for sacred scripture and artifacts for the ancient society in the region and is preserved to-date.

The Leshan Giant Buddha was calved out of a cliff and is situated in the western region of Sichuan. It took about 90 years to complete, having begun during the Tang Dynasty. The entire process required the contribution of thousands of workers and seasoned sculptors. The fingers are three meters long with the entire sculpture standing 71 meters tall.

The Yellow Mountain or Huang Mountain is situated in the Eastern region and is considered a major attractions in China. Its granite peaks are peculiarly shaped with the slopes dotting beautiful pine trees. The tourist enjoys an exciting view of clouds above. Improvements have been made with the inclusion of cable cars to ride to the top of some of these peaks.

The stretch from Yangshuo to Guilin along Li River in a cruise boat is among the most exciting experiences. Historical caves, cliffs, mountainous areas and farming villages dot this region. The natural beauty along this path offers a relaxing change from the concrete cities.

The terracotta army is a collection of sculptures in three pits. They represent the army of the first emperor of china and the area is considered among the most significant attractions in the entire country. A total of over 8000 soldiers are represented in the form of sculptures.

The Victoria harbor is one of the deepest container ports all over the world. It enjoys an incredible traffic of boats, junks and ferries. It makes the Hong Kong district an incredible business attraction. Other areas to visit include the Forbidden City, Potala Palace and the Great Wall of China.

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    Visit The Basra

    by on Apr.08, 2012, under Travel

    Plenty of people are looking for a few new places to visit on their vacations. Since aeroplanes came into being, the world has become a much smaller place and other countries have become a great deal more accessible to those who enjoy travel. Something you must do if you are one of these people is visit Basra at least once.

    Although historic Basra has been damaged by the war in Iraq it is still renowned for its part in “Arabian nights” and for being the country where Sinbad the sailor came from. And reconstruction is in progress at the moment thanks to the citizens of that city.

    If you do visit Basra you ought to have a look at all four palaces. They belonged to the president and can provide a good insight into historic Basra. Then there is the Indian bazaar and the five star hotel to visit. If you prefer religious history, you would be able to see the very first mosque which was built outside of the Arabian Peninsula. For those who prefer a little more nature, you will not be disappointed. There are many different species of bird which pass over and through on their migration route as well as the Basra warbler.

    The weather in Basra is great for tourism. It can get warm and humid because of the proximity of the city to the sea. This does mean that the winters will not get too cold to bear however.

    Historical Basra is a really fascinating city to visit. It is rich in historical heritage and is a truly beautiful city. It is most definitely a good idea to visit Basra if you ever get the chance to do so.

    No one should miss doing a visit Basra tour of some kind. It is a beautiful city and you are sure to enjoy it. Make sure that you know the customs though. You really do not want to get into trouble with the various authorities in that particular area of the world at any point in your life!

    Jon writes about travel realted articles. To know more about visit Basra and historic Basra visit the site.

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      Thailand – How I First Came Here

      by on Mar.21, 2012, under Travel

      I first arrived in Thailand in 2004 and I arrived here more of less by accident. I had travelled a fair bit in Europe: Russia, Western Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa and north South America, but I had never found the time to travel to Asia.

      One night, I was chatting to a friend who had travelled extensively throughout the world and he was telling me about his favourite place, to where he had been returning year after year for fourteen years. Knowing the man’s experience as a traveller, I was very taken aback to hear that he had been choosing to go to the same location in Asia for fourteen years.

      I had to ask him which part of huge Asia held such an enticement for him and he said Thailand. I knew practically nothing about Thailand, except that I had had a few meals at a near-by Thai restaurant over the years. I also knew from collecting stamps as a kid that it used to be called Siam. Anyway, my friend asked me if I’d like to go. I answered that I would ‘one day’ and meant it.

      He surprised me by saying that he was going to Thailand for a month soon and that I was welcome to go with him, if I wanted. I answered that I had a few jazz festivals to go to soon and maybe I would, if there was at least a month between them and if I could get a flight and if… I could hear myself putting him off, but I did not understand why.

      A number of hours later, I went home and being a keen Internet surfer, I checked out a bit about Thailand on the travel brochure sites. It looked truly fantastic. The prices were good too except for the flights. Hotels were cheap to reasonable and food and drinks prices were low compared to where I lived. So, I checked the dates of the two Jazz festivals and they were thirty-three days apart. Now for the flight. I spent well into the next morning checking flights and discovered one for the day after the first festival leaving from our local airport. It was not the cheapest flight, but it gave me more time.

      In an impulsive moment I booked it there and then online. I then found a pub with rooms to let online that my friend had said he went to on quiz evenings and guessed that they would be open by now serving breakfasts. I sent them an email and a response came back twenty minutes later. I had been lucky again. The boss was in the middle of checking yesterday’s figures, when he saw my email come through. However, not sure of his Internet ability, he asked me to phone him right away. I checked my watch, it was still 4AM so I phoned.

      He took my booking on trust and so I did not have to make a deposit. I had been told about Thailand, made up my mind to go and booked the flight and room all within five hours and I could not wait for nine o’clock to come to notify my friend that I would be going too.

      If you want to know how to get a UK visa, please go over to our website now at How to Get a UK Visa. Unique version for reprint here: Thailand – How I First Came Here.

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