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Visiting Historical Sites

by on Nov.21, 2010, under Vacations

If you take a lot of vacations, you have probably seen a lot of sun and surf, or perhaps you are the type that loves to glide down the side of a mountain surrounded by piles of fresh snow.

However there are several other destinations you may want to visit, instead of the usual, tried and tested vacation spots you’ve been to. One way you can deviate from the usual summer or winter vacation is to go to a place with historical value, and there are a lot of these in America. Preferably this would be at a place that interests you as well as the rest of the family.

There are several kinds of historical sites you can visit, from sites of great battles to historical landmarks that remind you of events from as recent as 50 to 100 years ago. Gettysburg is a very popular spot as far as historical sites go, and is perhaps the most visited in Pennsylvania. Aside from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania offers replicas of 19th century life, with people dressing up and living like it was back in the olden days. Using the technology of the era, these replicas feature exhibits such as candle making and weaving. The list of things you can see and experience is almost endless.

However, there are many other states with sites relating to American history and culture. You can find these places all over the country, and most of them are open to the public in one form or another. You can visit homes of former US Presidents, great writers and painters, and recording artists and movie stars who made their mark on American history. Though you may not think of Graceland as one of the historical sites you can see, it is historic in many ways. This is because you cannot underestimate Elvis Presley’s cultural and historical impact, being the man who popularized rock ‘n’ roll music.

One of the best ways to find sites from history is to look around online. There are different ways for you to research, but you can do it by searching by region or interest. You can also try your travel agent to see what they have to offer you. Suggestions would include vacation packages that are geared towards historical attractions, or packages that allow for other unrelated activities. Regardless of your interests and that of your family, there are many options to choose from. Not only can you have a vacation unlike any other one you’ve had before, you can teach your children a lot about our treasured past.

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Live Life In The Great Outdoors

by on Oct.28, 2010, under Travel

There’s a wide variety of hiking adventures to be had in the Pine Tree State, including off-road biking, fishing and backpacking in the spring, summer and fall months and cross-country skiing in the snowy winter months. Convenient to cabin rentals throughout this state – that following 400 years of European colonization and over 10,000 years of human occupancy prior to that, continues to be mainly pristine, unpopulated wilderness – are literally thousands of miles of hiking trails that range from simple day hikes to challenging treks over trails that rise to almost a mile above sea level at Mount Katahdin.

Mount Katahdin, the focal point of Baxter State Park, is certainly the northern terminus of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, the other extremity of which is greater than 2100 miles to the south within the north Georgia mountain community of Georgia. Though, not everyone hikes the whole extent of the trail; several are content to hole up in one of the local condo rentals and discover the local wilderness.

There is additionally some first-rate hiking along with scenic coastal views to be enjoyed at New England’s lone national park, Acadia. This park, located on 47,000 acres of mountain woodland and rugged shoreline, is one of the preferred tourist attractions in the Pine Tree State. Maine cabin rental accommodations on Mount Desert Island are excellent temporary homes-away-from homes for those who wish to explore the park’s 120 miles of hiking and mountain biking paths. One of the more challenging trails takes hikers to the top of Cadillac Mountain, which is also the easternmost part of the United States; for anyone who is fit enough and don’t mind getting up at 3:30 in the am, it is possible to be the very first individual in the country to view the sunrise on any given day.

One of the mostawesome things about Maine is the fact that even though people have been living here for some 10,000 years, it is still one of the sparsely populated regions on the planet. Within the North Woods region of the state, the wilderness is virtually pristine and primitive; on the average, there is only 1 person per 100 square miles in this part of the country – but you will notice significant amounts of wildlife, as well as the splendid moose.

There’s another side to Maine that could appeal to the urban hiker. Maine romantic travel inns located in Brunswick are a fantastic place to stay while visiting the Penneville Historic District, homes to Victorian mansions constructed by the town’s distinguished citizens back in the 19th Century, most of which have been delicately preserved. Maine vacation rentals in the state’s cities are outstanding places to discover the Pine Tree State’s urban atmosphere, along with world-class restaurants and other family entertainment venues.

Wesley Mathews is part of the travel team at FindVacationRentals.com and FindBedandBreakfast.com. These directories provide detailed information on bed breakfasts and things to do.

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6,000 Years Of History Is All You Had To Say

by on Oct.24, 2010, under Travel

Greeks are a seafaring people ever since the Bronze Age, 3-4,000 years ago – and small wonder; there is greater than six thousand of them. In spite of this, only 227 of these islands boast somebody existing on them, and even less than eighty possess holiday rentals. These Greece beach vacation rentals are definitely worth seeking out, however; if you need to get to understand the nation and the folks of this very old country, you will certainly want to go to the islands with its comfortable towns and relaxiing kafeneos. It is at these eating establishments that you’re going to taste genuine Greek cooking that you cannot obtain anyplace else, and also; those Greek isle beaches are amazingly romantic places, it is these little cafes that magnetize gourmands from across the world.

A good place to start a tour of the Greek islands is within the eastern Aegean from romantic getaways such as bed and breakfasts on Chios, Psara or Lesbos. The latter (named in honor of a male deity, coincidently enough) is called the “Emerald of the Aegean.”

This leafy island, sheltered with green forests analogous to those found inside Southern California, is place of birth to the ancient Mount Olympus, where Bronze Age Greeks totally believed their deities to live; the gigantic mountain soars just about 3000 feet above the remainder of the island. Lesbos is also home of one of the world’s last remaining petrified forests. With a total number of inhabitants of ninety-thousand and quite a few at least mediocre-sized towns and villages, you’ll have few troubles finding areas that make for wonderful Greece beach vacations on the island.

Close by are the ancient islands of Chios and Psara, where the drama of the famous Greek War of Independence was battled against the Ottoman Turks in the 1820s. Chios, barely 7 miles from the Turkish shoreline, is home to the medieval monastery of Neamoni. Created almost 1000 years ago throughout Greece’s late Byzantine phase, Neamoni is a chosen United Nations World Heritage Site. Chios is also a key shipping center, and has been so for 100’s of years (it was here that an unknown Genovese business man known as Cristoforo Colombo got his start in the fourteen-seventies – better known in America as Christopher Columbus).

One of the most excellent of the Greek isles is Crete – also the largest. Crete was home to the Minoan civilization and the Palace of Knossos and its ancient Labyrinth, where the human-eating Minotaur was alleged to have lived. From Greek bed breakfasts next to Crete’s magnificent seashores, site visitors to this isle may not bump into the cyclops – but are to be expected to be informed stories from the locals about a beast who is astoundingly comparable. Watch out for the triamades!

Besides that peculiar 3-eyed beast, you’ll soon learn why Crete, with a minimal local climate akin to that of Southern California (temperatures don’t get any lower than 60 degrees and hardly ever go above the low 80s) is home to many ex-pats from the cooler weather conditions of Northern Europe, especially the U.K. and Scandinavia. Akin to them, you will find out much concerning Crete that is distinctive and dissimilar from the rest of Greece, with its music, culture and most of all, cuisine.

Wesley Mathews is part of the travel team at FindVacationRentals.com and FindBedandBreakfast.com. These directories provide detailed information on cabin rentals and things to do.

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