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Advice And Information On Lightweight Travel Trailers And Where To Purchase One

by on Aug.31, 2010, under Travel

There is a big disappointment when you want to get a small camper but you realize that lightweight travel trailers compatible with your truck are very scarce. The problem is not the diversity of models but the weight, since most of the existing designs are too heavy to get pulled by a car or a pick-up truck. A closer analysis of the market offer will show you that even the RV companies no matter if we are talking about rental companies or dealers are reluctant to purchase lightweight travel trailers to keep them on stock. The explanation they give is very simple: the demand is lower for such recreational vehicles, and therefore it is not efficient to keep them in stock.

The bathroom plumbing adds up quite a lot to the weight of the vehicle, particularly as the ceiling design has to be altered to. Therefore, some lightweight travel trailers have a rudimentary form of bathroom or lack it completely. Four types of vehicles fall in the category of lightweight travel trailers: the ultra-lightweights, the fiberglass eggs, the pop-up tent trailers and the teardrop ones.

Each of the models has its advantage and downside: thus, the pop-ups are suitable for warmer climates, the fiberglass ones have a specific smell inside because of the materials they are made of, and the teardrops have offer pretty little space.

The ultra-lightweight vehicles that generally have around 2,000 pounds could be the most money efficient, but that very much depends on the individual choices and preferences. Given the small size, the interior of lightweight travel trailers resembles a small or medium-sized bedroom in the most fortunate of cases, which is between ten and twelve feet. Such lightweight travel trailers would do for a couple, but not a family. The various models come ready furnished from factory with basic appliances including a stove and a microwave, with a very simple bathroom, with or without shower.

The amenities included as well as the overall features of the vehicle determine the price for new and used lightweight travel trailers; the costs usually reach $10,000 or somewhere around this figure. The manufacturing year and the technical inspection remain key points to check when you want to purchase a used recreational vehicle. In the absence of a dealer in your local area, check online for more comprehensive resources. Always go through updated databases, otherwise you may be looking at items that are no longer in stock.

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