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Physically Impaired? A Bumper Pull Travel Trailer Can Work For You

by on Mar.21, 2011, under Travel

Most all motor homes you find on the market are able to be adapted for any type of physical challenge. Even towable units, such as the bumper pull travel trailer, can be purchased as such or adapted. You can still live on the road in an RV or with a bumper pull travel trailer if you are disabled. Spend time doing good research and find an RV or towable that suits your traveling needs.

A bumper pull travel trailer is a type of towable motor home unit. It is hitched to a bumper that is located at the rear of a larger vehicle. This larger vehicle is often a pick up truck or SUV that can pull a large load. You can find a bumper pull travel trailer in many sizes with a variety of layouts. You will have to make an educated decision as to which type of bumper pull travel trailer or larger RV, such as a Class A motor home, you would like.

Wheelchair accessibility for the RV or bumper pull travel trailer

If you use a wheelchair and would like to own a motor home or towable unit, then one tool that may be beneficial to you is a wheelchair restraint system. This allows your chair to be stabilized when the RV or bumper pull travel trailer is in motion.

RVs are also wheelchair accessible when the towable or motor coach has a lift. The lift resembles that of an elevator and raises the chair from the ground level to the level of the recreational vehicle. If you buy used, double check to make sure the lift is in safe operations before purchasing or using.

Technological advances for RVs

If you are a person who has a disability, but is not in a wheelchair, there are technological advanced installations or custom made operations just for your needs. For example, it is possible to install a left foot accelerator into the RV for the driver. There are other types of devices to aid the driver, too, such as brake assistance, steering assistance, and even touch pad controls.

More helpful tools for RVers with disabilities

In addition to the tools that were previously mentioned, some RVs have been designed and built with lower leveled appliances, faucets, and light switches. Some fifth wheel trailers or motor homes have wider sized doors, including in the shower area.

If you are in the market for a new or used recreational vehicle or towable RV unit, but are physically challenged, there is an option for you. There are safe and affordable ways for you to enjoy your life on the road just as any other person. Begin your research today.

Julie Jacobs is a travel expert, who writes about RVs, such as the bumper pull travel trailer. To read more on motor homes and travel trailers, visit www.PedataRVCenter.com.

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Fifth Wheel Campers Tips On Buying New

by on Oct.05, 2010, under Travel

Have you and your family decided to start shopping for new fifth wheel campers? If so, then it is time you became well educated on RVs and fifth wheel campers so that you can be a smart buyer. If you are a first-time recreational vehicle buyer, then spending some time doing research should be especially helpful for you. New fifth wheel campers are a large financial investment. So, you want to make sure that you buy new only if you plan on using the RV often.

When researching new fifth wheel campers, make sure you become familiar with your budget so that you can afford a new travel trailer. You will quickly find that there are many financial options available, even for those with poor credit. Start by looking at the price ranges of the different makes, models, and RV dealerships. You will see that prices vary, so you want to make sure you know what you can afford before falling in love with one that you cannot.

Fifth wheel campers come in different sizes, so you should think about who will be traveling with you. How many people will be consistently with you on the road? You will want a well-sized camper that suits the comfort needs of those traveling with you. Think about times when you will be eating or sleeping. What about if it rains? Is there ample living space?

Once you have thought about the tips above to help you in shopping for fifth wheel campers, think of the features and amenities that are necessary for comfort and travel. Think about driving times, sleeping, as well as dining. What is a necessity for your comfort? Are there any other amenities that you want that are more luxurious?

How will you primarily be using your 5th wheel camper? You want to choose a motor home that complements your traveling and camping lifestyle. Look at these three types of camping to see if any of them match you.

1. Remote camping, which is where there are no facilities available, except for the ones your RV has

2. Primitive camping, where there are minimal facilities in addition to your RV

3. RV campgrounds, which spots that have full facilities, such as showers, store, etc.

Do not forget to ask your city officials whether or not you can have a camper parked on your property when you are not traveling in it. Some cities have strict rules and regulations against this. Know what you can do and where you will keep your camper.

Julie Jacobs, a travel writer, enjoys fifth wheel campers and RVs. Read more on motor homes at www.PedataRVCenter.com.

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Advice And Information On Lightweight Travel Trailers And Where To Purchase One

by on Aug.31, 2010, under Travel

There is a big disappointment when you want to get a small camper but you realize that lightweight travel trailers compatible with your truck are very scarce. The problem is not the diversity of models but the weight, since most of the existing designs are too heavy to get pulled by a car or a pick-up truck. A closer analysis of the market offer will show you that even the RV companies no matter if we are talking about rental companies or dealers are reluctant to purchase lightweight travel trailers to keep them on stock. The explanation they give is very simple: the demand is lower for such recreational vehicles, and therefore it is not efficient to keep them in stock.

The bathroom plumbing adds up quite a lot to the weight of the vehicle, particularly as the ceiling design has to be altered to. Therefore, some lightweight travel trailers have a rudimentary form of bathroom or lack it completely. Four types of vehicles fall in the category of lightweight travel trailers: the ultra-lightweights, the fiberglass eggs, the pop-up tent trailers and the teardrop ones.

Each of the models has its advantage and downside: thus, the pop-ups are suitable for warmer climates, the fiberglass ones have a specific smell inside because of the materials they are made of, and the teardrops have offer pretty little space.

The ultra-lightweight vehicles that generally have around 2,000 pounds could be the most money efficient, but that very much depends on the individual choices and preferences. Given the small size, the interior of lightweight travel trailers resembles a small or medium-sized bedroom in the most fortunate of cases, which is between ten and twelve feet. Such lightweight travel trailers would do for a couple, but not a family. The various models come ready furnished from factory with basic appliances including a stove and a microwave, with a very simple bathroom, with or without shower.

The amenities included as well as the overall features of the vehicle determine the price for new and used lightweight travel trailers; the costs usually reach $10,000 or somewhere around this figure. The manufacturing year and the technical inspection remain key points to check when you want to purchase a used recreational vehicle. In the absence of a dealer in your local area, check online for more comprehensive resources. Always go through updated databases, otherwise you may be looking at items that are no longer in stock.

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