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5 Travel Tips To Have Before You Next Go Traveling

by on May.08, 2014, under Travel

Travel is an important part of the lives of almost everyone. In the past, people didn’t have as much opportunity to travel, and some people never even ventured out of their state. Even though fuel prices have made it more difficult for people to vacation in the past couple years, most still make shorter trips. Here are a few simple tips to help you to save money and get the most from your travel plans.

American travelers who have not left the country in several years should be aware that they definitely need an up-to-date passport. For a long time it was possible for US citizens to visit Mexico and Canada without such documentation. With modern security concerns, this is no longer the case. American travelers should have their passports in order if they intend to visit any country.

When traveling by air, purchase your airline tickets as early as possible. Airlines that offer very low fares, like Southwest Airlines, have a limited number of seats available at the lowest price. By purchasing your tickets early you are assured of getting the best possible rates for air travel.

A useful tip for travelers is to make certain to have sufficient health insurance in place to cover medical expenses in case of injury or illness while abroad. It is often the case that domestic health insurance policies do not provide extensive coverage for treatment and hospitalization in foreign countries. Therefore, it is important to procure such coverage for the entire duration of your trip.

Make your luggage bright and noticeable. Try to avoid carrying bags that are one matte color and blend in with all the other pieces of luggage in the airport. Having unusual-looking luggage will make your bag easier to spot and will discourage criminals from stealing it in a busy airport.

When traveling, never take an item from someone to transport it for them. No matter their situation or how nice they may seem, this is almost always a trap to convince an unwary tourist to transport drugs or other contraband into secure areas. Even “gifts” can fall into this category.

Hopefully you will be able to use these few tips above to help you while planning and taking your next vacation of your dreams.

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    Travel Insurance Tips for Civil Uprisings

    by on Mar.01, 2011, under Egypt

    Political disorder is not normally covered under standard travel insurance.

    For Egyptian travelers this news has come to late, and I am sorry about that. Trust me, I understand how bad it sucks to have to be the example from which others learn. So, in order to empower other travelers who use insurance, I decided to get the word out about travel insurance as it relates to civil and political upheavals.

    If you find yourself or trip on a collision course with a political uprising, the first thing to do is check your policy. Some will cover your expenses if your travels are setback because of civil disorder. Though, keep in mind, while most policies do not include cancellation and/or interruption coverage for political unrest, there are a few exceptions.

    Carol Pucci, a travel writer for the Seattle Times, explains that travelers who want the extra protection from civil uprisings have a couple of options, including “Cancel for Any Reason” policies. However, these policies are pricey, normally tacking on 50 percent or more to the cost of a trip with a reimbursement of only 50 to 75 percent of your prepaid travel costs. Thats pretty pricey, especially when you consider standard insurance usually only adds 8 percent or less to the cost of your travels.

    Another option for travelers looking for political unrest coverage may be the American Express Global Travel Shield classic plan. “It’s coverage, broader than most companies offer, is something to consider for trips to other destinations,” Pucci explains. She adds that the companies coverage relating to Egypt’s protest is no longer offered, because the company views the country’s unrest as a “foreseeable event.”

    Have you ever been caught in the middle of a political uprising? If so, or if you have tips for travel insurance, feel free to leave your advice in the comments.

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    Why Canada Should Be On Everybody’s Shortlist Of Winter Vacation Spots

    by on Jul.29, 2010, under Travel

    More and more are finding Canada a great place to spend winter. Besides crisp air, bright skis and sparkling snow, Canada boasts of a wide range of winter events and attractions including sophisticated cities, rollicking carnivals and unexcelled sports facilities.

    The growing awareness of Canada as a winter travel destination is reflected in the increasing number of package vacations available. There are ski packages, city packages, special events packages and combination packages. Skiers know Canada for its superb slopes. Names like Banff, Jasper and Mont Tremblant are familiar to skiers everywhere. The food and skiing are excellent regardless whether you ride a helicopter to the British Columbian or Alberta mountains or pick the Laurentians or Quebec.

    Skiing is not the only thing that can be enjoyed immensely while in Canada for the winter. One favorite sport in Canada is ice hockey and people love it so much they have an official team for it as well as others in larger cities. There is a four mile ice rink in Ottawa along with others situated indoors as well as outdoors.

    The snowmobile was first developed in Quebec and spread in neighboring countries but it still enjoys immense popularity within Canada. Besides snowmobile clubs the marked paths for snow machines add to the fun weekend adventure. Have loads of fun snowshoeing as part of winter sports specials. A number of sites are set to open snowshoeing paths.

    Fisher folk will not see a frozen Canadian lake or river as an excuse to call off doing their number one sports activity. Fishing in the ice just calls for an improvised shelter and a hole amid the ice to get started. The La Perade village in Quebec is home to hundreds of quaint shanties fishermen haul into the ice to obtain thousands of young tomcods.

    People can fish at wintertime in most Ontario as well as other provincial lakes and have the equipment needed right there too. Sliding down slippery snowed in hillsides or tobogganing is among other fave pastimes. Artificial chutes add to the excitement of the toboggan ride and most places make the vehicles available themselves. Riding the giant slide in Quebec City and dropping down the cliff side afford passengers a unique visual experience.

    Tobogganing is sometimes held in some ski resorts using slopes reserved just for that activity. The winter months herald carnivals too as ice castles are made together with snowshoe and dog races while food and drink keep coming. There is no time to be bored amid Canadian carnivals at wintertime because all of them do not disappoint.

    International games are among the more interesting events that have athletes coming in for a visit. Each festival acts as a vehicle for showcasing the dog sled races as well as the classics in snowshoes. Rare artwork and antique purchases from far flung stores happen as usual be it winter or autumn.

    Most of the artwork and soapstone carvings people choose to take home with them are those crafted by Eskimos and Indians. Explore the culture scene by listening to the symphony of the capital in one of its more than 10 concerts or watch the ballet company perform. In Montreal theater can be watched in either French or English and then there are the delightful Vancouver musicians and opera that have amused many travelers.

    Museums in Saint John and Vancouver and Ottawa as well as Toronto are open throughout the year. Clubbing in Canada cities consists of a bunch of discotheques and hotels and posh night clubs serving up all sorts of distractions.

    Montreal’s underground city offers an escape from the weather, rain or snow. Hotels plus railway stations and theaters along with shops and restaurants are connected with the Le Metro subway and apartments as well as major office complexes by miles and miles of tunnels. Other cities like Toronto as well as Winnipeg have caught on with the idea of developments below ground. Vacationers are happy just walking by the crisp snow.

    There is no shortage of food as there is French cuisine from Quebec together with steaks from Saskatchewan and delicious goodies from British Columbia. The above reasons ought to be sufficient to reconsider that trip to Canada.

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