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Useful Tips in Hiring a Travel Guide

by on Mar.30, 2013, under Vacations

So you have finally decided to visit a another country for the first time.Hunting for uk cheap holidays 2013 has been done and you have now packed your bags and are ready to go. Now, you have arrived at your destination. Now what? You are now contemplating where you want to go that’s amenable both to your interest and preference. Consider what kind of activities you want to indulge in. How much should you shell out for these activities? Your Lonely Planet guidebook all of a sudden seemed to contain ver little information.

No website or travel guidebook information is more comprehensive than that of a reliable travel guide. A good guide is more than just your companion. He is a bank of information, who explains to you the story behind each attraction, natural wonder, or cultural activity you encounter. He is a consultant, who can recommend you good places to visit, restaurants to dine in, places to stay, or activities to enjoy. He is your security officer, who makes sure that you are protected from scams. And these are just some of the benefits you get from a trustworthy guide.

Hold on! Was trustworthy ever brought up? The only way for you to make sure to reap the benefits at its maximum is if the right guide is chosen. It is tough to pick out the right guide, however, as their are a lot of poseurs out there. So, who are you going to choose?

1. A guide with a license is preferable. A certified guide can offer excelent guideship services. He knows he represents not only himself but also his company and country. To make a good impression, he won’t trick you and he will only offer you the best.

2. In many places in the world, licensed travel guides may not be available. The “guides” may just be local residents or officials who are familiar with the place. These makes them even better than licensed guides. But since they are not licensed, the satisfaction of service delivery may not be assured. There are signs that you have to watch out for when hiring unlicensed guides.

* Demanding money for every service – you can spot untrustworthy guides easily by judging their attitude about money.

* Making you pay every step of the way – guides who are not legitimate can be spotted right away with the way they regard money and payment. If he asks you to pay up every step you take, then that definitely is a neon warning sign. You have to keep in mind though that you don’t have any obligation to pay him for services that were not expressly specified and made clear before he was getting hired. You should make sure that terms and conditions are made clear prior to hiring him.

* Different languages spoken – it is important that the guide of your choice knows how to speak English. This way, communicating becomes easier and more convenient for the both of you. Learning a few words and phrases in the local dialect will prove helpful for you. Remember, you don’t want to concede to agreements that you barely understand.

* Asking for money during a free event – be wary of local guides who ask you for settlement if you wish to attend a supposedly free local ceremony. For instance, do not give in to a guide who demands money if you want to engage in a supposedly free wine tasting or tea tasting event.

* Off the beaten path seems to be too “off” – some malicious people make up sites of interest, knowing that you are eager for witnessing something different. Be cautious! These may simply be a scheme to drain you of your hard-earned money, and the “attraction” may just be a mediocre or uninspiring one.

Check this recommended site for more about hiring cheap holidays in uk guides.. Also published at Useful Tips in Hiring a Travel Guide.

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    Woolacombe Bay Holiday Guidance

    by on Jul.26, 2012, under Vacations

    Woolacombe Bay is situated in North Devon, England, in between the two headlands known as Baggy and Morte Points. Instead of being a substantial tourist town of which lots of visitors have heard of, Woolacombe really is a village that has a more relaxing atmosphere, but on the other hand it is rife with fun for the whole family, this includes beach goers and likewise surfers. The area had previously been known as “Wolmecoma” or “Wolves Valley” as a consequence of absence of human beings, though abundant with a large wolf population, is stuffed with history that goes back into the Stone Age. The U.S. President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, utilised this region for the U.S. Armed forces to rehearse and prepare for the notorious Normandy Invasion. Whilst nothing more than a little fishing village, since the 1900’s, this fantastic region of farmland seems to have became one of the most favorite of holiday destinations. Woolacombe has been voted as the Best British Beach, as well as the UK’s “For Excellence Gold Award” being proved to be the best of British family holiday destination in the UK.

    Woolacombe Sands Holiday Park is regarded to be the preferred destinations for your family enjoyment, come rain or shine. The conveniences comprise of: outdoor and indoor private swimming pools, bowling, golf, onsite stores, live entertainment, and not to mention adventures for many inside the Rendezvous Club, and also youngsters can be entertained by Woolly Bear within the Woolly Bear Club. Everyone also has the benefit of walking down the lane directly to Woolacombe beach in around15 minutes, whilst experiencing and enjoying the wildlife, and not having to find somewhere to park your car.

    Woolacombe beach is one of the most beautiful shores which consists of golden sand that covers its three mile long length. Family safety factors are more reliable owing to the fact that lifeguards are on duty during the summer season. Your dog is welcome in certain areas, trying to keep them separated from families and surfers. There are more than enough benches following the course of beach in case you need to have a break, and in addition fresh and clean toilet conveniences for everybody, including the handicapped.

    There are different places to eat in Woolacombe Bay. Get ready to enjoy a panoramic view of the beach and search for life in the rock pools, you are sure to find a great deal of crabs. Irrespective of whether you enjoy surfing, body boarding or just a simple swim in the sea, the beach with its surf will clearly supply you with plenty fun. You might not be a surfer yet, but you will find BSA qualified surfing schools with instructors to give tuition in surfing, and in addition lifeguard training.

    Even if are are visiting as a large group, or even just you and your partner, there is plenty to do even if its for the weekend or maybe continue for a full week. There are several activities you can pursue including fishing, coasteering, surfing, mountain biking, hiking, private events, among many others.

    The accommodation available differ from a cozy self-catering cottage to high-class hotels, which include the Woolacombe Bay Hotel that also presents self-catering apartments. You may enjoy lovely views on a private veranda in addition to a range of comforts. Children can certainly be part of the Over 5 Children’s Club and appreciate a variety of activities such as learning how to surf and similar activities during their stay.

    Find out more about holidays in Woolacombe Bay, then take a look our site on how to select the best options for your holiday.

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      The cool guide to beautiful Copenhagen

      by on Jun.27, 2012, under Vacations

      If you had not yet heard, I will tell you: Copenhagen is an amazing capital!

      A lot of people think of Tivoli and Hans Christian Andersen when you mention the Danish capital or Denmark, but there is actually much more to this beautiful capital than children’s stories and addictive pastry!

      I am a Dane, who lived in Copenhagen for for some ten years, and decided I should present some of the alternative sights and activities in Copenhagen that you won’t see in all the guide books.

      Right, let us get to my 5 recommendations for cool things to do and see in this capital of Denmark.

      1. Parks: Copenhagen is dotted with green areas. If you live here you are never more than five minutes away from a cosy park. If you are spending many days here, then go for a walk in Kongens Have (Kings Garden), HC Orsteds Parken, Botanisk Have (Botanical Garden), or Frederiksberg Have. These are all great for tanning or drinking a cold beer – that is what the Copenhageners will be doing if the weather allows it.

      2. Norrebro: Norrebro is the most ethnically mixed area in the city and has a very urban feel to it. There’re some very trendy streets here for going shopping, looking at art or going out. The streets we prefer are Blagardsgade, Jaegersborgsgade, Elmegade, and the cemetery, Assistentens Kirkegaard, where Soren Kierkegaard is buried. Also go see the newly opened ‘Superkilen’ – a really psychedelic red painted square.

      3. Water: Copenhagen resides by the sea, and it is possibly one of the few big cities where you can swim in the harbor areas – there is also a nice beach. Islands Brygge is one of the cool neighborhoods in the city, and it has an overwhelmingly popular grass area where people are enjoying the sun and chilling out, while jumping in and out of the ‘pool’ in the harbor. If you prefer the beach, then go to the beautiful beach park at ‘Amager Strandpark’. We are in Scandinavia, mind you, so regrettably we won’t see 200 days of pool weather every year, but we make sure to enjoy the summer, the few months it is there.

      4. Malmo: Hold on, isn’t Malmo in Sweden? It sure is, but it is only a 20 minute train ride over Oresund. Many people in the Danish capital consider the Swedish neighbor as a suburb and it is an obvious choice for a one-day trip of shopping and sightseeing. Costs are a little lower in Malmo, so that is definitely a good motivation to go, as Copenhagen is famous for its inflated prices.

      5. Vesterbro neighborhood: Another area that used to be a little rough, and famous for the red light district, but now a hipster haven with fantastic shopping and cafes. The main area of interest is on Istedgade – a street famous for the sex shops and prostitutes in its glory days. This still exists, but is now mainly limited to a few streets close to the train station.

      I very much hope you liked these tips and I wish you an awesome trip to Wonderful Copenhagen. Below you should find a link to a cool and fun karaoke bar to have a drink when going out in Copenhagen.

      Following a nice day of sightseeing, why not visit the most outrageous Copenhagen Bar – Sam’s Bar. Also check out the official homepage of this Awesome Karaoke Bar in Copenhagen (in Danish).

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