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Travelling To Barcelona: The Best Tips For Exploring Barcelona On A Holiday

by on Jun.13, 2013, under spain

With a great sense of passion, a soccer team to rival the best in the world, as well as a proud population that truly loves a good party this is the destination on the costa brava to make you feel like you have just found your new home

I was learning Spanish in Barcelona for more than two months, living in three different unique neighbourhoods and experiencing Barcelonas best together with friends made during the Spanish course I could only start to get to know the city, its nightlife and its diverse activities. Read on for some of the greatest impressions I could encounter while studying Spanish in Barcelona.

Barcelona – the capital of Catalunya is undoubtedly Spain’s most cosmopolitan and international city. Its the cultural magnet of one of Spains wealthiest regions boasting a captivating mix of classic charm and timeless attraction. It’s unique architecture by famous Antonio Gaudi shows off the element of pleasure and experimentalism inspired by the city.

The famous boulevard Las Ramblas is usually on every visitors schedule with its combination of caf’s, street artists and open air markets. During every year the city offers a large number of festivals and events, with September’s not-to-be-missed Festival de la Merc being the most famous amongst them.

Barcelona is located at the Mediterranean and has mild evenings for more than half of the year. It is a great place for going out and has a number of excellent night clubs right at the beach where you can listen to fine tunes, enjoy the sun and have a cocktail or two. The city also has thousands of inviting bars and underground clubs to choose from if you are up for a good party. You can also sign up for a dance lesson if you dreamed of learning some nice salsa or flamenco moves.

The city has a rich history and there are plenty of museums, galleries and a plethora of old gothic style streets to get lost in. The food in Barcelona is also world renowned with many top chefs calling this place home.

You will get to try some of the nicest restaurants in Spain, try contemporary fusion food crafted from local delicacies like Iberic ham as well as top international products matched with beautiful wines from the region. Most traditional Spanish restaurants dont open before 9 in the evening and its not unusual to stay out at dinner until late after midnight.

If you feel like planning your trip already why not consider a language course in Barcelona? Its a great and easy option to soak up the local culture . You will learn Spanish, meet locals and find yourself surrounded by many friends who want to explore the city with you. Its a great opportunity to get to know the city and enjoy it with friends.

If you want to find out more about language schools in Barcelona or the best educational adventures just follow the links above

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    5 New Zealand Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

    by on Jan.28, 2012, under Travel

    Going on vacation is exciting for everyone involved but finding activities to suit the whole family can be a little tricky. Entertaining children, teens and parents isn’t as hard as you may think, and there are plenty of New Zealand attractions that are sure to impress everyone. Here are the top 5.

    Whale Watching Adventure

    No matter where you are a whale watching tour is a must-see attraction. One of the most spectacular places to do this in New Zealand is with Whale Watch Kaikoura, their tours are one of the most popular things to do in Christchurch for people of all ages. Everyone will enjoy the magical experience of seeing whales in their natural habitat with some tours even getting quite close to the amazing creatures. These tours are educational, fun and provide a memorable experience that kids and adults alike will appreciate so make a booking and pack the camera.

    Image Credit: www.whalewatch.co.nz

    Fun Park Adventure

    Theme parks are great for the whole brood, they provide an entire days entertainment for both young and young at heart. There is still plenty to do even if adrenaline pumping roller-coasters aren’t your thing, take a spectators pass and check out the more reserved areas while the kids explore the rides. New Zealand’s largest theme park, Rainbows End has something for the whole family. There are even areas for children under 5 and great places to eat and have refreshment stops as the day progresses. Theme parks can make for a great fun-filled day out.

    Visit a Museum

    Museum visits have become much more child-friendly in recent times and are now a fun day out, without an ounce of boredom. New Zealand’s national museum, Te Papa, is located in the country’s capital city of Wellington. Many of their exhibitions have some interactive features and there are fun and educational play areas for exploration without limits. There is no better way to learn than with a museum tour so book one in you might be pleasantly surprised with the kid’s response.

    Day at the Beach

    If your vacation in planned anywhere near a beach during summer there is no chance of boredom with the array of beach activities available. Relax on the sand while older children splash about in the water or try some of the many beach activities, such as blow-carting, wind-surfing, kayaking, body-boarding or even sand castle competitions. Hitting the beach is a great way to spend quality time with the family, while still having a blast on your vacation.

    Horseback Treks

    Horseback riding is a great family experience, although it is less suitable to those who have children under 5. For the littlies opt for pony rides and petting farms instead. Horse treks can run through farms, forests, beach and more providing everyone with a humbling day out. Start with a short trek and gear up to day-long adventures or even overnight campouts!

    There are lots of other holiday fun to be had depending on the season and location so be sure to investigate all options. Keep the kids involved in the decision process and they will be keen to compromise on different ideas.

    Check out the spectacular experiences on offer in New Zealand. Start the holiday of a lifetime and check out all the New Zealand activities.

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      5 Ways to See Kaikoura

      by on Oct.28, 2011, under Travel

      Kaikoura NZ is a travelers dream with great weather, a mixture of surf, country and friendly locals, it’s a one stop shop for tourism. It’s also the perfect place to experience the beauty of marine life due to the abundance of sea creatures in the peninsula. If you are visiting Kaikoura check out these 5 spectacular activities.

      Go Whale Watching

      Kaikoura is the whale watching capital of the world and is also home to the giant Sperm whale. Join a ‘Whale Watch’ new zealand tour to get up close to the amazing creatures, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.

      The tours run for 2.5 hours, giving you plenty of time to see whales, dolphins, sea birds and the beautiful Kaikoura peninsula. Watch as whales breach the water before raising their flukes high in the air to dive – a stunning event to witness up close.

      The ‘Whale Watch’ crew are informative friendly and have an uncanny knack of locating whales using sound and cameras. There are a variety of aqua bands and sea sickness tablets available for purchase on board, should you fall ill to motion sickness, guaranteeing you will enjoy the trip.

      Kaikoura Wilderness Hike

      Experience an overnight hiking adventure with ‘Kaikoura wilderness walks’, enjoy getting back to nature with the hike by day but still having the opportunity to enjoy life’s luxuries at night with the divine accommodation at Shearwater Lodge.

      All participants must be able to walk at a moderate pace for around 8 hours each day. The hike includes a mixture of flat tracks, steep gradients and slopes as you would expect from an Alpine reserve, but the breath-taking views and surroundings make the effort well worth while.

      Albatross Encounter

      Kaikoura is visited by a huge variety of pelagic birds including 12 different species of albatross, yellow eyed and little blue penguins, shearwaters, petrel and too many more to name.

      ‘Albatross Encounter’ offers a unique experience where you experience the birds up close and in some cases even hand feeding them! The boat used for the tours is small so to guarantee your place on this sea bird experience bookings are essential.

      Skydive Kaikoura

      Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, everyone should pluck up the courage to have a go at the famous Kaikoura Skydive. The experience is like no other with an exhilarating tandem dive you are free to relax and let your jump guide do all the work!

      Enjoy the fantastic scenery with the world-renowned jump. Mountains, ocean, the township and farming lands are all in view – there is no better way to see Kaikoura.

      Seal Encounter

      Seal watching is a unique and exciting experience that’s suitable for almost anyone! Head out in kayaks to see some of the cutest sea creatures around, the playful NZ fur seals.

      Everything you need for the tour is provided by ‘Seal Kayaking’ so just bring yourself and a camera and you will soon be on your way out to sea. It’s not long before you spot seals and other marine life, witnessing their antics in their natural habitat is exhilarating and well worth the money. If you are in Kaikoura check out ‘Seal Kayaking Tours’. Image Credits http://www.whalewatch.co.nz http://www.flickr.com/photos/nznationalparty/3660505501/sizes/m/in/photostream/

      Don’t miss out on the exciting attractions available for tourists in New Zealand. Check them out today!

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