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5 Ways To Do Soweto Like A Local

by on Jul.26, 2015, under Travel

Soweto is an incredible township and I have to say – head there and see it!! Not only is it one of the most famous townships in South Africa but it has a lot of history and more importantly things to see and do. Top 5s are difficult but I’m going to try! I’ve had to narrow it down but here goes…

1. Stay with a local Sowetan family:

A highlight from my travels round Soweto was staying with a local family in Orlando East. I stayed with Rachel and her son and daughter. They made me welcome and it was a small but cosy house. At night they just sit at home and cook and watch TV – almost back to basics existence but a great experience and if you get the chance to do it – go for it!!

2. Go Inside Nelson Mandela’s House:

I have to say that a visit to Nelson Mandela’s former house in Vilakazi Street is a must. Don’t miss it! Nowadays his former home has been turned into an excellent mini museum,open to the public. It is just incredible to step inside the house where Mandela once lived. There are quotes on the walls on bricks in the courtyard, photos inside and the house is small. It’s amazing that this man changed the world. Get this on your list!

3. Visit a Shebeen:

You cannot visit Soweto without heading into a Shebeen! These local bars where people mingle to drink and chat are an essential part of the culture. You will get to meet and chat to the locals, enjoy a few beers with them and get to understand a bit more about life in Soweto. The beer you will get is pinky in colour and not strong at all – you will share it communally. Get in there and chat to the locals. I loved it and you will too!

4. Bicycle Tours in Soweto:

Another top thing to do in Soweto is a bicycle tour – it means you can get to places not easily covered on foot or in a car. You can visit different parts of the township on the same day and meet locals. Soweto Backpackers have a recommended bicycle tour which is also listed in a lot of travel books and sites. You’ll also have a tour guide who explains everything to you at points on your cycle through this historic township.

5. Hector Pieterson Museum:

The Hector Pieterson Museum is highly recommended to get into the history of Soweto and in particular the Soweto Uprising of 1976. A museum and well maintained streets and tributes now sits where Hector Pieterson was once shot dead. It’s a real eye opener. Definitely in my top 5 things to do in Soweto!

So head to Soweto and understand the history of this cultured township. These are my top 5 for you!

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    A Truly Smart Way to Check out South Africa

    by on Jul.09, 2013, under Vacations

    There is a fly and drive vacation that you can do, if you have at least 2 weeks and appreciate driving, that will provide you with the greatest of South Africa. People are often reluctant as to whether they ought to be doing the eastern coastline, the west coastline or a safari. Well, why not do all of it?

    flower types are discovered nowhere else on earth. You can see the Namaqua National Park which covers an area of fifty five thousand square km and safeguards the plant species.

    Apart from seeing this incredible spectacle, you can spend some time seeing the Cedaberg Mountains with their ancient rock art, and then travel down the Route 27, the “Seafood Route”. Here you can consume excellent seafood cooked for you on open-fires in elegant, but affordablebistros. Route 27 is a must for you if you are a crayfish enthusiast!

    Your holidays to South Africa can continue with a couple of night’s stop in Cape Town. From Springbok to Cape Town it’s five hundred and sixty three kilometers so if you do a leisurely one hundred kilometers a day you’ll be in Cape Town before your first week is over. You can likewise go up Table Mountain making use of the cable-way, or go for day trips to the university town of Stellenbosch and to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

    When you have had your fill of Cape Town, you can do a day trip to Cape Point and then go off to the Garden Route on the east coast. The major highway taking you up the coastline is called the N2 and you will come across some charming towns such as Mossel Bay, Knysna, Oudtshoorn and Plettenberg Bay.

    The Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma Mountains are rich in Cape Fynbos and native forests. They are home to some three hundred types of birds and comprise a variety of environments, including wetlands. This is a nature enthusiast’s haven due to the fact that the environment is shielded by 10 different nature reserves. Likewise, ocean safaris are possible, and in the winter season you will have the ability to get a truly close look of the endangered Southern Right Whale, which comes to calf here. close look of the rare Southern Right Whale, which comes to calf here.

    You can also jump onto Route 62 from here also called the Wine Route and taste some excellent wines which are exported worldwide. Route 62 will take you all the way to PE, a total of 850km from Cape Town. From here you can catch another plane which will take you to your international departure or possibly to a safari in the Kruger National Park.

    We have been in the tourist trade for over 20 years and have indeed managed to make special deals with the hotels for our customers. Our accommodation rates are less expensive than if you book direct. visit our site

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      Great Tips from an “Insider” to Appreciate Unforgettable Holidays in SA

      by on May.14, 2013, under Travel

      South Africa is a very big country. There are domestic flights that are easily two and a half or 3 hours long. Also it is a nation which has actually gone through massive changes in the previous twenty years. You will need some really trustworthy assistance to make the most of your vacation in SA.

      There are some places in South Africa that are unsightly which can also be unsafe, so it is worth your while to understand precisely where you are going. Nonetheless, South Africa isn’t really any more unsafe than a lot of other countries. It is just a nation with a high poverty rate and if you walk in the city center during the evening and the malls are closed, you are basically asking for trouble. This does not indicate that you need to necessarily adhere to the touristy areas if you prefer traveling off the beaten path.

      South Africa provides a variety of vacation accommodation and if you like the less touristy type of holiday, there are plenty of locations that South Africans travel to when on vacation and where you can still feel the un-jaded friendliness of the regional people.

      SA is the 25th biggest country in the world and has the 24th biggest populace, counting about 51 million occupants. The regional individuals are either of Bantu beginnings, generally coming from the Xhosa and Zulu ethnic people, or they are descendants of the Indian Muslim slaves or of the English and Dutch inhabitants.

      In the 1990’s, Apartheid was cast off. Prior to this schools, marriages and suburbs were all divided racially. The tranquil change to full democracy is merit of the unusual political capabilities of Nelson Mandela, who allowed the whole populace to become conscious of “the full picture” by running lawsuits in which people were offered amnesty if they told the truth about facts and proceedings that had actually been suppressed by mass media in previous years.

      Today SA is a country that stands proud and being able to see this land and feel the optimism and strength of its people is well worth the journey. English is spoken by most of its residents so you will not have trouble communicating. Ethnic languages and Afrikaans are likewise spoken.

      When booking holidays to South Africa you need to be realistic about exactly what you can do while on your vacation. Your best bet is to fly straight to Cape Town and then drive up the Garden Route if you have a week or less to be in the country. That way you reach see the heritage, night life and do some buying but can then appreciate gorgeous uncontaminated nature and ocean safaris.

      If you have even more than a week you must consider going on a safari in the northwestern area of the country as well as going to the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, previously known as Santa Lucia. The Safari Lodges there are just remarkable! Some of them offer 5 star comfort and luxury without taking away from the close contact with the surrounding nature. Many lodges provide SPA treatments and outdoor Jacuzzi sand massages, overlooking the Savannah.

      Seeing the north-western area of the country and then visiting Cape Town entails booking a residential flight halfway through your holiday, nevertheless it can be extremely well worth your while to do so if you want “the genuine thing” as far as Safari’s go. At the same time, visiting South Africa and not seeing Cape Town is an awful pity as it genuinely is among the most gorgeous cities on the planet.

      Whether you just have a week or are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a longer stay, South Africa will leave you feeling completely in awe of its natural charm, its lively creativity and its welcoming people.

      We are a tourism business founded by South Africans. We concentrate on customised trips and can help you enjoy precisely the vacation you wish for. For even more info visit our site.

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