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Sightseeing In Hong Kong

by on Jun.30, 2014, under China

Hong Kong is the perfect place to be a tourist in China. There are so many sights to see when backpacking, especially if you happen to be doing so on a budget. Whether your interests lie in the cultural, natural or adventurous aspects of the region, there is sure to be something to make your trip worthwhile.

Here is a look at some of the top sights you can experience in Hong Kong.

The skyline in Hong Kong is epic. It’s widely regarded as the number one skyline on the planet, eclipsing even New York and Singapore. You’ll want to check out an awesome view of Hong Kong and the best places to do that are the Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon waterfront. Amazing city!

The Big Buddha on Lantau Island is another major must-see, and there is no fee included in the experience. Consider carefully whether you prefer to take the cable car to the statue or if you would like to experience the hike up the stairs and though the plush green surroundings before reaching the top. Note that this is a prime spot for tourists and children and that the area may very well be crowded. Arriving as early as possible will provide more of a spiritual experience.

Don’t just think that Hong Kong is all about big skyscrapers and a bustling city. There are some really awesome quiet spots to check out the city too!! These get you away from the noise and busy business lifestyle. Nan Lian Garden is the perfect spot to relax away from the crazy busy streets of the Kong!

You also have Hong Kong Park. Yes in amongst the madness and mayhem is a massive park where there are birds, trees and butterflies. This place has tea shops and cafes and is a good place to relax while on Hong Kong island. There is a man made waterfall within too and you can chill out there. Don’t believe that Hong Kong is all about skyscrapers.

Dragon’s Back is a hiking trail that offers some of the best sights of the city. This easy to moderate climb takes just a couple of hours and allows visitors to see the city from a different perspective. The scenery is quite breathtaking and there is the option to continue hiking to Big Wave Beach for further fun.

I totally recommend going backpacking or travelling in Hong Kong!

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    Travelling To Barcelona: The Best Tips For Exploring Barcelona On A Holiday

    by on Jun.13, 2013, under spain

    With a great sense of passion, a soccer team to rival the best in the world, as well as a proud population that truly loves a good party this is the destination on the costa brava to make you feel like you have just found your new home

    I was learning Spanish in Barcelona for more than two months, living in three different unique neighbourhoods and experiencing Barcelonas best together with friends made during the Spanish course I could only start to get to know the city, its nightlife and its diverse activities. Read on for some of the greatest impressions I could encounter while studying Spanish in Barcelona.

    Barcelona – the capital of Catalunya is undoubtedly Spain’s most cosmopolitan and international city. Its the cultural magnet of one of Spains wealthiest regions boasting a captivating mix of classic charm and timeless attraction. It’s unique architecture by famous Antonio Gaudi shows off the element of pleasure and experimentalism inspired by the city.

    The famous boulevard Las Ramblas is usually on every visitors schedule with its combination of caf’s, street artists and open air markets. During every year the city offers a large number of festivals and events, with September’s not-to-be-missed Festival de la Merc being the most famous amongst them.

    Barcelona is located at the Mediterranean and has mild evenings for more than half of the year. It is a great place for going out and has a number of excellent night clubs right at the beach where you can listen to fine tunes, enjoy the sun and have a cocktail or two. The city also has thousands of inviting bars and underground clubs to choose from if you are up for a good party. You can also sign up for a dance lesson if you dreamed of learning some nice salsa or flamenco moves.

    The city has a rich history and there are plenty of museums, galleries and a plethora of old gothic style streets to get lost in. The food in Barcelona is also world renowned with many top chefs calling this place home.

    You will get to try some of the nicest restaurants in Spain, try contemporary fusion food crafted from local delicacies like Iberic ham as well as top international products matched with beautiful wines from the region. Most traditional Spanish restaurants dont open before 9 in the evening and its not unusual to stay out at dinner until late after midnight.

    If you feel like planning your trip already why not consider a language course in Barcelona? Its a great and easy option to soak up the local culture . You will learn Spanish, meet locals and find yourself surrounded by many friends who want to explore the city with you. Its a great opportunity to get to know the city and enjoy it with friends.

    If you want to find out more about language schools in Barcelona or the best educational adventures just follow the links above

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      The Highlights of London

      by on Aug.05, 2011, under Travel

      Even though London is preparing for the Summer Olympic Games of 2012, there is no reason not to visit the city today. In London you find many sights, superb shopping and pulsing nightlife. Even great food can be found in the city.

      The newest (and one of the most interesting) sight is the London Eye. The 135 meter (443 feet) high Ferris wheel can be found between Waterloo and Westminster Bridge. It was originally opened for the millennium new year by Tony Blair. But because of technical problems, the public couldnt use it before March 2000.

      The 32 cabins on the wheel have room for 25 persons each. It is a very popular attraction; and because one rotation takes about half an hour, you can expect long queues in the high season. But the view from the top over the central London (including Big Ben and the House of Parliament) is worth the waiting.

      A 900 older sight with a very bloody history is the Tower of London. The Traitors Gate was the entrance for many, but the exit for few. The majority were killed because of torture or rats; or executed.

      Today the rats have gone; and the torture and executions stopped. And the prisoners have been replaced with tourists watching all the ceremonies. One of the most exciting is the Ceremony of the Keys. At exactly 9.52 pm the head of the guards hands over the keys to the head of the night watchmen.

      On a tour in the Tower of London, you can see both the royal apartment as well as the dungeons. But the most fascinating is the Jewel House where the British crown jewels can be seen; including the worlds largest diamond Star of Africa, which is placed in the scepter of the sovereign.

      For more great sights, visit St. Pauls Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. Do also take a look at the 106 meter (348 feet) high Big Ben, and go for a walk in Hyde Park. Finish the sightseeing in British Museum, where you find an enormous collection of art.

      A must thing to do in London is people watching. In the city you can see everything from punkers with safety pins through their noses and cock’s combs to businessmen with bowler hat sand stiff upper lips.

      It is actually possible to find great food in London. And no, it is not the notorious fish and chips. Many famous cooks like Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver have restaurant in the city. If you like cheaper options, you can find great, exotic restaurants with inexpensive food. London is a melting pot of multi-ethnic populations; which means you can eat food from all around the world.

      For shopping visit the famous department store Harrods; they brag about that they can provide everything. If you are looking for something for your home, you can find wallpaper and fabric in Designers Guild and minimalistic, Japanese design in Muji. Make the kids happy with a visit to the six story toyshop Hamleys of Regent Street.

      Martin Elmer is the editor of Weekendophold. Here you can also read about London sevaerdigheder.

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