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Get The Best Deal on Your Dream RV

by on Mar.18, 2011, under Vacations

RV Camping is more than a hobby. To many it is a lifestyle. This article is dedicated to both full time RV Campers and those weekend or vacation campers.

We will try to cover many buying tips that may help those new to RV camping and some tips for the “old pros”. Winter is that time of year that most of the big RV shows are beginning and many of you will be shopping for that new or used coach or trailer. We have spent many years working RV shows as both as reps and as salespeople and still pick and choose to work a few throughout the season. Part of this writing will be directed toward buying that new or used camper. The publications we offer for sale here will save you thousands of dollars and hours of research.

As salespeople, we have been part of the “this is the best time to buy as these are all Special Show Prices “. It is important to understand that the sales rep you are working with lives or dies on commission. Their job, if done correctly, is to get as much money for that RV as they possible can. RV salesmen are some of the highest paid sales professionals in the vehicle sales arena. You must understand that at a trade show, you will be dealing with the best sales force the dealership has to put out on the floor. New salesmen rarely work shows. Be Prepared. Do your homework and don’t be shy.

Be Prepared

Wear comfortable walking shoes and allow plenty of time, possibly up to two days. Many RV dealers will give you a pass for the second day of a paid event if you express real interest in their product. Don’t be shy. Ask the sales rep for free admission passes for the next day. Keep your checkbook in your car. Even if you make a deal on an RV at the show, you still need that time it takes to walk out and get your check for down payment to think it over and make very sure that you are doing the right thing. This is a very large investment that you will probably keep for a minimum of five years so get what you need and want.

Do Your Homework

Study all of the brochures, all the features, all the benefits. Why? Every salesman will point out certain things about his or her RV that will catch your eye. If you have done your homework, you will know that most RV’s have the same feature if they are in the same price range. There is very little that is unique among RV’s when it comes to the basics. The price differences are usually reflected in the decor or type of materials used in the interior. Go online and research every RV you are even remotely considering before the show.

Don’t be Shy

That “super duper special show only” price is merely a starting point. Listen to me on this. I sold several fifth wheel trailers at one show for $10,000 less than the show price and still made a substantial commission. The dealer is not going to lose money under any circumstance, nor will the salesman so don’t worry about insulting them. Be reasonable of course, but make your best deal.

We hope this article helps you make good decisions but the most important decision you will make is to “go camping”. Do it often.

Jim and dede combined more than 80 years of camping experience and have many tips and ideas to share.. They are serious campers and have been professional RV sales reps. With the RV show season approaching they have the inside knowledge on RV buying.. This article, Get The Best Deal on Your Dream RV has free reprint rights.

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Travel In RVs To Sites That Have Been Upgraded

by on Dec.19, 2010, under Travel

RVs offer many families a style of life that is luxurious. Even the smaller RVs, such as the Class C unit or a towable, lightweight travel trailer offer amenities that living at home may not offer. Across the United States, RVs are being parked at campgrounds that are equally as luxurious and appealing as the country club.

Due to the economy and people traveling by air less, it has been noted that folks are more willing to travel in their RVs to nearby or area campgrounds. Traveling in RVs gives people the chance to have fun experience without breaking the budget. Since the trend of RVs continues to increase, motor home campgrounds are spending time and money to upgrade their grounds to make them a competitor in the market place.

Camp grounds offer families a complete and holistic camping experience. There are activities for children, adults, and full families. You can find putt-putt golf, arcades, pools, and more. Families can build a camp fire, grill out, or even watch a movie. By traveling in a recreational vehicle, these activities can all be done at a less expensive price than taking a full family vacation via air or car.

If you are in the California, look at these three upgraded sites to see what they offer and what others are offering across the United States.

1. North of San Francisco is Yogi Bear Park

2. Visit Flying Flags, an RV resort located northeast of Santa Barbara

3. Bay Area of San Diego is another top notch RV camp that has been upgraded with new amenities to attract the motor home traveler.

These three examples are located in California, but there are thousands across the US that are eager to attract new and repeat motor home visitors. This means that RV camp grounds must tailor themselves to the adult, the child, the older adult, and to the entire family.

Children will be able to find new play grounds built, while teens can find skate parks. Pets will also find new amenities tailored for them with dog parks. The new recreational vehicle parks will be especially enjoyed by children everywhere.

RV parks are also offering lush landscapes and new luxury type cabins for adults to enjoy. Some have new fitness centers on site. You will also be sure to find many technological improvements on motorhome campgrounds. Technological improvements may mean that the camp grounds have free wifi, cable tv, etc. You may be seeking a luxury RV experience at an RV camping ground that goes beyond the water hook up, fire pit, and community showers. Check out the new options.

Enjoy more by RV enthusiast Julie Jacobs at www.PedataRVCenter.com. You can find out more on RVs and travel trailers.

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Revelstoke RV Park

by on Aug.29, 2010, under Travel

Taking an RV trip in British Columbia is a great way to enjoy a family vacation. Half of the fun is riding in the RV itself but you can also have a blast staying at an RV park. The RV campground you stay at needs to fit not only the needs of your RV, but also the needs of you and your family too. There are plenty of places to enjoy some down time while RV-ing in British Columbia, like Noah’s Ark RV Park near Revelstoke. At campgrounds and parks like these you can enjoy things like showers and laundry facilities while still enjoying the great outdoors.

Fresh spring water from local springs, fresh mountain air and beautiful panoramic views are all things you can enjoy while RV-ing in British Columbia, Canada. If you do end up needing anything or just getting bored, these RV campsites are usually located around stores and other attractions. You can enjoy a round of 18 holes or maybe even a helicopter tour at campgrounds near Revelstoke and other similar parks.

For the best in outdoor and indoor activities, Revelstoke is literally the best place in British Columbia. White water rafting, fishing, hiking, riding ATVs and mountain biking are just a few of the things you and your family can enjoy while you are on vacation. You can even enjoy two National parks in the area as well. There are just as many indoor activities as outdoor just in case the pulse pounding adventure isn’t for you. Kids will love the Nickelodeon museum or one of the other 5 museums in Revelstoke to check out.

Do you like the spookier side of things? Then you should check out the Three Valley Lake Chateau resort. This massive resort sits nestled into the mountains and is actually said to be haunted. You can even go on a pretty cool tour of the ghost town and hear all about the reported haunting and sightings. If you want to get up close and personal and get out of the RV for a few days, stay in one of the over 200 rooms in the resort for a relaxing stay.

No matter what age your travelers are they are going to be entertained with everything you can see and do in British Columbia. Having something nice to look at while you are in the RV for hours makes it well worth it. In fact, British Columbia is actually known for things like rolling landscapes, wildlife and beautiful seascapes. Catching yourself in awe for hours on end by the ever changing landscapes is something you can expect to experience.

Over 2 million people inhabit British Columbia which includes Vancouver Island. You should try out recreational activities like sailing, kayaking, or sea kayaking while you are settled and parked at an RV park. When you decide to RV through British Columbia and Revelstoke the opportunities are really limitless. Revelstoke is more like a resort than a city but it is consider a city on the map none the less. A vacation every day is what it must be like to actually live in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

Now that you have heard and seen some great things about taking an RV trip through British Columbia and Revelstoke, aren’t you ready to get in the RV now? You have a number of RV parks to choose from in Revelstoke too so you have plenty of options to fit your needs. Now has never been a better time to take advantage of all the wonderful things than you can do on an RV trip through the beautiful British Columbia.

I hope you enjoyed this information on RVing in Revelstoke provided by Noah’s Ark RV Park. Noah’s Ark Resort is the best RV Park in Revelstoke.

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