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A Perfunctory Look At Ancient North African Deity Clothes

by on Aug.19, 2013, under Egypt

The pantheon of the Egyptians contained numerous deities, but Bastet was given the chief position. She was portrayed to have a cat-head, due to which Egyptians placed cats in a place of reverence. As decades passed by, her clothing underwent a constant change so that its portrayal also kept changing.

Initially, this goddess was portrayed as a dreadful lioness. But later on, as cats became likable animals and people began taming them, her portrayal changed to a woman having a cat-head, rather than the dreaded lioness.

Bubastis, a temple of Bastet was constructed by the Egyptians. There were scores of idols within the temple showing this cat-headed goddess. An in depth observation of these idols has helped historians to find out the manner in which the god was usually attired.

An idol with a cat’s head over the body of a young lady is the label of the deity. Most of these idols show her as a cat-headed goddess, with the exception of some idols, wherein a leopard or a lion is shown.

This god was always made to wear highly ornate clothing. She had a multitude of fashion accessories that complimented her ornate attire. These included a small bag which she would be made to carry. In other statues she is shown as carrying a little basket delicately worn over one of her arms. She would also have a musical instrument that was known as Sistrum in her other hand.

The center of her clothing contained a breastplate. A mythological belief revealed that she had a liking for dancing and music; she was also wealthy and generous. The tiny basket worn on her arm was supposed to portray a plentiful harvest.

The reverence related to cats caused many living cats to adorn the temple dedicated to this goddess. Lots of cat-bodies that have undergone mummification formed a major part of the archaeological discoveries in the temple of Bubastis. Tamed cats of Egyptian households were buried in Bubastis.

A bronze sculpture clothed in the typical style was supposed to be empowered to bring luck, and so a lot of Egyptians took possession of them. Many people offered these bronze sculptures within the temple. Hence, many of them reaching to thousands have been discovered by archaeologists in the temple.

The identity of Bastet as a deity rendered a distinctive position for cats amidst the Egyptians. Certain laws were enforced to safeguard cats. If anyone happened to purposely impose danger to a cat, punishment was compulsory. Likewise, the Egyptians practiced detailed funeral rites to bury a cat that lived in domesticity.

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    The Ancient Roots of Barry, South Wales: Part 2.

    by on Mar.05, 2012, under Travel

    In the Eighteenth Century, they found dishes, saws, knives, flints, a scraper, a prehistoric horn celt with strange markings, a spokeshave and some arrowheads from the Neolithic Period. These artifacts are safely ensconced in the Museum of Wales in Cardiff, but unfortunately, no one at the time thought the find significant enough to warrant a dig and now there are houses on it.

    An ancient Roman kitchen replete with cooking utensils and food remains was also abandoned without investigation. In 1533, Leland, the King’s Antiquary, was ordered to visit ‘all places where records are held’. It took him nine years and he wrote of Barry Island:

    “It is about a mile in circumference and has good corn, grass and some wood, and there is no dwelling on the Island, but in the midst of it is a fair little Chapel of St. Baruch which is visited by many pilgrims. It took the name Barri from this holy man who was buried there and whose remains are yet on the Island”. (The Welsh name for Barry is Y Barri).

    Vikings raided the coastline of south Wales in the Tenth Century often taking hostages from the monasteries, but they did not seek to settle the area. The island was known as the ‘Saints’ Retreat’ or the ‘Island of Saints’ for a long time. Later, in the Sixteenth Century, the island was used by smugglers and pirates and was known locally as the ‘Smugglers’ Fortress’. This occurred at the same time as Bristol, Britain’s second largest port, was growing rapidly.

    Barry Island soon became the centre of piracy and smuggling in the Bristol Channel. In 1784, the island became known as the “Fortress of Knight”. Knight was the most prolific pirate and smuggler in the channel and people were to terrified to speak out in court against him., although he was also considered a bit of a local hero. His armed ship was called ‘John O’ Combe’. He was eventually forced out to Lundy, which he also fortified. He and his successor, Arthur, returned to Barry so frequently that H.M. Customs asked the government to station a cutter in Penarth and 60 troops to Barry.

    The small seaside village of Rhoose, five miles from Barry, was so well-known for its wreckers that George II sent troops to break up them up. They landed at Aberthaw, just up the coast a bit further, “the Rhoose men’s favourite landing zone, from where they could easily transport the contraband along Port Road to Cardiff, the main market for such things”. While digging out for the docks at Barry in the late nineteenth century, several large caves were filled in. They had probably been used by the pirates who were moved on in about 1850.

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      Holistic Living Corrects Even The Worst Behavioral Problems

      by on Apr.10, 2011, under Travel

      We all have many things in our life that we are good at. They can range in a variety of different ways, but we also have things that we can improve on, and need to accomplish, in many different areas.

      One of those things that you may encounter may happen to be your behavioral skills.

      Probably one of the biggest misconceptions that most people have is that they do not understand that they can use complementary therapies in their life to increase their achievements.

      What can these types of modalities do for my life, or even how can they help work on my own behavioral skills? This is probably one of the biggest, and misconceived, questions that can arise.

      When you’re working with alternative techniques in your life, it is all about understanding there is a balance that needs to be set. When I refer to balance, I am talking about working on those mind – body – spiritual level connections.

      There are many different ways to work with these types of properties, you just have to understand how to incorporate them into life. You have to find where you need to implement them, work on the root cause, and balance all of the issues.

      When you’re talking about your behavioral skills, how does this area relate to your life as a whole?

      This question is going to help you get to the root cause of some of these problems so that you can start releasing and working on these areas first so that you can enhance and develop all the skills that you need in your life.

      Many people get confused when there working with complementary modalities in their life, as they really don’t understand how they all fit in or how to balance them all. It is about working on them through the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels together in one session.

      Each of these areas can be tap into through a different therapy for this purpose.

      Some of the suggested areas that you work with for different modalities can include Reiki healing, sound vibrational healing, positive mindsets, crystal healing, purging and releasing techniques, color therapy, light therapy, meditation, inner soul work, affirmation work, music therapy, and developing your spiritual connections from within.

      Let’s get you started on working with some of the basics right now.

      You can work with Reiki energy healing to help boost your behavioral skills. It is all about sending your self-healing for the specific work so that you can have a balance in your life.

      Affirmations are something that many people use today when working with enhancing and developing their own skills. When you’re working with affirmations, it’s important to stay in the present tense, and make sure that everything is in a positive mindset.

      Incorporating color therapy into your day-to-day life will also enhance your mental status as well is your spiritual connections, and your emotional work for a healing session to be successful.

      Developing your spiritual connections is something that everyone needs to do no matter what type of work they’re doing, whether it’s working with your behavioral skills, or something else in their life. Connect him with your higher self and expand out the energetic fields.

      This type of work can be confusing at times, or possibly even overwhelming, but once you get started you will see how easy it can be to develop your own pathway. Each person vibrates differently, so each energy session is going to resonate a bit differently for your work.

      Probably one of the easiest ways to get started with this type of work is to just pick one that you feel drawn to in resonates within your own energetic vibrational frequency fields.

      When you’re working through a new complementary and alternative therapy for your behavioral skills, make sure to find one that makes you feel positive about this type of work.

      This is not something that is supposed to be difficult or hard, but rather something that is supposed be enjoyable in your life. Surf you’re not enjoying and having from with this type of work, make sure to pick a different therapy for your session.

      It is all about a new journey you’re going to take on a new pathway in life, so make sure you’re having a little bit of fun with this.

      Balancing all of these different areas of your life is something that is going to resonate differently for each individual person. You have to find the one that works for you and is complementary to your life. All of these issues we’re facing are different, as well as how we are going to respond to them, so pick the ones that work for the best possible results.

      There may be many people in your life that you come across that will try to put you down or save this type of work will not enhance your healing sessions. You have to remember this is your life and your healing work.

      You are the only one that has to live your life, no one else does, so it is about finding that right fit to help enhance these areas of your life, or any other areas of your life as well.

      I would like to close this article by reminding you of the biggest key points that everything is all about balance, living your own life and staying strong, and finding what resonates within you for your own energetic vibrational frequency healing for all of the behavioral skills, or any other issues that you are facing in your life that need improvement.

      Nicole Lanning, founder of Holistic Healing Minute & Healing Art Forms, has a passion for helping others with her psychic intuitive and holistic living abilities. Check out her services in holistic living methods today!

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