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Class C Motor Home – Tips On How To Volunteer While Vacationing

by on Apr.10, 2011, under Travel

There are people who enjoy traveling across the country in their Class C motor home but choose to do so because they like volunteering. Philanthropy travel in a towable travel trailer or Class C motor home has become a positive trend line and is known by some as Volun-tourism. This means that RV travelers utilize their Class C motor home vacation as an effort to give back to their state or nation by volunteering.

Before hitting the road in your Class C motor home or towable RV, do the following

If you are interested in participating in Volun-tourism via your Class C motor home or other towable unit, begin by narrowing down the type of philanthropy that you would like to partake in when on the road. If you are a family, then get the whole family together. You will want to create a list of possible opportunities for you to do with your Class C motor home. Think about hobbies or interests, such as animal care, working with the elderly, building houses, etc.

After you have selected your cause, follow these tips

Choosing your cause can be difficult, but once you and your fellow Class C motor home RVers have decided, you should call the nonprofit. Look on the internet at Charity Navigator to see if the organization you want to serve is legitimate. Call them and speak to their volunteer coordinator or to the person with whom you and your companions will be working with to ask the following RV volunteer questions.

Ask the following questions when you talk to the nonprofit organization that you want to work with on your volunteer RV trip:

1. What will the organization expect from you during your volunteer stay?

2. What out of pocket expenses will you be expected to incur, such as a fee for service?

3. Do you and those participating need to sign paperwork prior to traveling in your RV?

4. Ask them about age restrictions if there are any so that you do not take young children when they are not allowed to help.

5. Ask if you can have a detailed list of what you will be doing when you are volunteering.

What if you cannot help this year via travel? Think about a donation!

Some of the nonprofits that you and your family wish to volunteer at when traveling with your recreational vehicle may have specific dates or time frames that do not complement when you can participate. If this is so, then think about giving a monetary gift instead. See what gift giving options are available online.

Julie Jacobs loves to study RVs and write articles on RVs, such as the Class C Motor Home. Read and learn more about motor homes and travel trailers at Pedata RV Center.

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Physically Impaired? A Bumper Pull Travel Trailer Can Work For You

by on Mar.21, 2011, under Travel

Most all motor homes you find on the market are able to be adapted for any type of physical challenge. Even towable units, such as the bumper pull travel trailer, can be purchased as such or adapted. You can still live on the road in an RV or with a bumper pull travel trailer if you are disabled. Spend time doing good research and find an RV or towable that suits your traveling needs.

A bumper pull travel trailer is a type of towable motor home unit. It is hitched to a bumper that is located at the rear of a larger vehicle. This larger vehicle is often a pick up truck or SUV that can pull a large load. You can find a bumper pull travel trailer in many sizes with a variety of layouts. You will have to make an educated decision as to which type of bumper pull travel trailer or larger RV, such as a Class A motor home, you would like.

Wheelchair accessibility for the RV or bumper pull travel trailer

If you use a wheelchair and would like to own a motor home or towable unit, then one tool that may be beneficial to you is a wheelchair restraint system. This allows your chair to be stabilized when the RV or bumper pull travel trailer is in motion.

RVs are also wheelchair accessible when the towable or motor coach has a lift. The lift resembles that of an elevator and raises the chair from the ground level to the level of the recreational vehicle. If you buy used, double check to make sure the lift is in safe operations before purchasing or using.

Technological advances for RVs

If you are a person who has a disability, but is not in a wheelchair, there are technological advanced installations or custom made operations just for your needs. For example, it is possible to install a left foot accelerator into the RV for the driver. There are other types of devices to aid the driver, too, such as brake assistance, steering assistance, and even touch pad controls.

More helpful tools for RVers with disabilities

In addition to the tools that were previously mentioned, some RVs have been designed and built with lower leveled appliances, faucets, and light switches. Some fifth wheel trailers or motor homes have wider sized doors, including in the shower area.

If you are in the market for a new or used recreational vehicle or towable RV unit, but are physically challenged, there is an option for you. There are safe and affordable ways for you to enjoy your life on the road just as any other person. Begin your research today.

Julie Jacobs is a travel expert, who writes about RVs, such as the bumper pull travel trailer. To read more on motor homes and travel trailers, visit www.PedataRVCenter.com.

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Used Travel Trailer: People Love RV Adventures

by on Mar.01, 2011, under Adventures

Why do people seek out used travel trailer adventures?

For years and years, people have loved to travel. Some simply enjoy going on a trip for the sake of going on a trip. Traveling in an RV or used travel trailer allows the travelers to have moments of freedom, all the while saving funds. When traveling with a used travel trailer or motor home, there are less stress filled agendas with pre-booked hotels and restaurant reservations. The country is there to explore.

You are close to nature with used travel trailer adventures

Taking a motor home or used travel trailer on vacation gives you the opportunity to camp and experience wild life. You can take the used travel trailer or camper deep into a primitive camping area, where all you have is the RV you drove. You can also park the used travel trailer at an upscale RV park, and then use the opportunity to explore nature by hiking, swimming, canoeing, etc.

You can take your pet with you in your RV

When you travel in a motor home or with a used travel trailer, you have the beauty of taking your pet(s) on the road with you. There are guidelines to traveling with pets that you should read, and it is also wise to confirm any pet restrictions at RV camp grounds that you plan on staying at while you travel. Most RV camp grounds allow pets, but they may have rules for you to follow.

Lots of family bonding time with RV vacationing

RV adventures give families the chance to bond. There is quality family time at every turn, while driving and while the camper is parked. Many choose to document these moments with a scrapbook, photos, and journals. Think about games to play, meals to cook, ghost stories to tell, etc.

Save money by traveling in a new or used recreational vehicle

Traveling in a recreational vehicle or towable unit saves you money because you do not have to pay hotel costs every night. You have the opportunity to plan meals and cook on board the RV. In fact, lots of families choose to make meal time a bonding experience. They shop at farmers markets, plan the menus, and cook together. Buying an RV is a large investment, but if you buy used, you can save on depreciation costs. The point is you will save money over the long haul by purchasing and traveling in an RV.

If you are nervous, try renting

There are RV rental companies available so that you can test out the RVing lifestyle before committing to the big purchase. You and your family can take a short trip in such an RV and see if it is a dream that you want to fulfill.

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