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There Are No Restriction When You Are Flying On A Private Jet

by on Aug.27, 2011, under Travel

There are many things that you think of when you think about a private jet. The first thing that comes to mind is the convenience of what flying on a private jet entails. You have the convenience of not having to arrive at the airport hours early, just to sit around and wait for you flight. You have the added convenience of not having to wait in lines to check your luggage and make your way through the security check-points.

Also, you are not restricted on what you can take onto the plane with you. If you happen to have been drinking a bottle of water when you arrived at the airport, you can take that onto the plane. In fact, you can bring any food and drink that you choose to take along. You could literally carry on an entire large pizza if you really wanted to. Better yet, have the charter company have everything ready for you before you arrive, that can be something simple like a catered deli lunch or a four star meal.

It is up to you. But other than food, you don’t have to worry about what you pack, you can take along your medication and personal products such as shampoo and other necessities without having to worry about some low paid security officer digging through your belongings and commenting on them. The name of the game is privacy and with a private chartered flight, that is exactly what you get. So these are some advantages, but there are more.

Besides saving time in the airport, the booking company can take care of several other arrangements for you. They can arrange transportation to and from the airport and any other transportation that’s need while at your vacation destination. They can offer security services for very important clients or extremely important cargo. Armed security and body guards are not beyond the capabilities that are available.

The service will work out all of the logistics and details, all you have to do is make them aware of what you expect and then sit back and enjoy the trip. Another huge advantage is that the jet charter will only be occupied with men and women that you choose it to be occupied with. Family, friends, business acquaintances, are all welcome to fly along, but there will never be anybody that you don’t approve. You make the final decisions and what you need is what they give you.

If you are looking to take a private charter to San Francisco be sure to stop by privatejetchartersanfrancisco. For charters to Los Angeles go to privatejetcharterlosangeles.

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    Top Private Jet Features That Will Have You Giving It A Try

    by on Aug.24, 2011, under Travel

    There are several reasons why people or groups should charter a private jet rather than flying regular commercial airlines. Here are a couple of the top reasons:

    1. Conserving Money For Group Travel

    In contrast to popular belief, private jet charters are actually more reasonably priced than paying for airline tickets if flying with a group of people. For instance, if a group of eight excursion friends were to arrange a 2 hour flight excursion and each commercial airline ticket would cost $600.00, then the group would spend $4,800.00 overall. Private charter jets typically charge per hour for flights, therefore if the group were to charter a jet at $2,000.00 per hour, cumulatively they would save $800.00.

    2. Piece Of Mind

    With the continuous threat and reports of terrorist attacks on airlines quite a few individuals, groups, families and professionals will often select a private charter jet for this reason. Private jets are also upheld on very strict specifications for repair and maintenance. Any customers who are cautious in regards to the jet’s current condition are welcome to this information prior to leaving the ground, giving passengers reassurance while traveling.

    3. A Relaxing And Peaceful Environment

    Private charter jets offer lots of space for passengers. Various sizes of jets are available, but travelers can take pleasure in flying alone or in the company of familiar passengers. Commercial airlines are notorious for unjustly small seats in coach and very little space in first class, either. Almost every single traveler has at least one tale to share concerning an awful experience including being seated next to an unlikable individual or loudly crying infant.

    4. Journeying For Imperative Business

    A great number of business professionals tend to charter a private jet rather than flying commercial airlines. There are a number of advantages for most professionals. Those who need to travel in between important meetings, with very little time, find charter jets a very reliable option. For groups of professionals, private charters are normally scheduled for the reasons of on time arrival, privacy and comfort.

    5. Attractive Extra Features Or A Spectacular Experience

    Private luxury jets are often scheduled for special events as a result of of their many appealing features. Some include dining areas, high quality TV with surround sound, a mini-bar in addition to very spacious seating accommodations. Perhaps a couple will arrange a private luxury flight following their wedding; private luxury jets are fashionable for special parties such as a bachelorette, bachelor or birthday event.

    When you’re searching the internet for Jet charter Washington D.C make sure you log onto privatejetcharterwashingtondc.com. They will provide you with all you need on Private jet Washington D.C charters.

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      Jets are Fully Customizable

      by on Jul.05, 2011, under Travel

      There’s lots of ways to accessorize and fit your plane. The customizable options are nearly endless, and depending on the size and requirements of a particular plane, they can be made to the precise standards and wishes of the owner. The cabin can be designed as wonderfully and with all of the benefits and perks of a luxury hotel. The cabin can also be set up to accommodate the maximum number of passengers in the most comfortable manner available.

      It can also be set up as a flying conference room or office. The point is that it can be designed and built to satisfy the needs and wants of and owner and it can be made to best fit what the purpose of the plane is. If it is a plane that is used primarily for business travel, then the options to make it like your home office are limitless. Desks, chairs, cubicles, even phone and fax lines can be set up to make the office run as efficiently as possible.

      The chairs can be designed to fold out for sleeping on those longer, overnight trips. The cabin can be set up with a full kitchen or a private office or bedroom as well. If the plane is used primarily for pleasure and vacations trips, then the seats and accommodations can be set up so as to bring the atmosphere to that of relaxation. Everything from the material on the seats, to the floor covering and the lighting is taken into account.

      These planes are not like flying RV’s, they are accommodated with the highest quality materials and products that you would find in the nicest homes and hotels. This is luxury after all, not just travel. These types of luxuries do not come cheap and they are well worth the price of admission, but for a certain class of traveler, they are necessary. Why live your life on the ground with only the best and most luxurious of surroundings, and not carry that into the sky when you travel?

      The costs will vary, depending on the size of the plane of course, but the ideas and available features are almost all universal. It will just depend on the amount of space that particular cabin has. The largest market for these types of planes at the moment is in China. The newly rich businessman of the new upper class is realizing what these planes mean to their comfort an status.

      To find out exactly what you want to know about Air Charter Services log onto privatejetscharter.net. They will provide you with all the information you need regarding the rental of a Heavy Jet Charter.

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