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Butterfly Centre in Bohol, Philippines

by on Feb.18, 2013, under Travel

When you think about a butterfly centre you might think it would be boring, but believe me this place was fantastic. A real surprise – you can visit a place called Flying Colours in Bohol in the Philippines.

It was my first time to visit a butterfly centre. So what actually happens here? First up the entry cost is 35 Philippine Pesos. Works out less than $1 US Dollar so paying it is not an issue. The price includes a guided tour – a lady basically tells you about butterflies, takes you round the sanctuary and helps you take photos.

First section you see a range of caterpillars and you can hold them. Despite having seen numerous caterpillars in my time, this was the first time to see a ‘big’ caterpillar. In glass boxes they have various stages of the caterpillar development – from being a caterpillar, to eating, to being housed in a cocoon to releasing themselves as butterflies! These were all live insects ready to become butterflies, the time it takes for the transformation varies but most of the ones we saw would take just over two weeks to go from caterpillar to butterfly.

After that you can see the biggest butterfly in the Philippines, which has been preserved in a box. It’s pretty big! Plus they have also preserved a moth, again photos are welcome and you can get fun ones taken to pretend you have butterfly wings!

The last section of your tour at the centre will be outside where you can see and hold lots of butterflies. Different colours are here too. This is a place worth seeing and the travelling lifestyle will make you enjoy it more.

So what is it? A butterfly farm!

Where can I find it? In Bohol in the Philippines

How to get there? Hire a car or bike might work out the best, but we got this visit included as part of a day long tour of Bohol.

Admission price – 35 Philippine Pesos

The people that work there are all local

To read more stuff like Flying Colours Butterfly Centre head to Jonny Blair’s popular website on a lifestyle of travel for more travel stories and tips.. This article, Butterfly Centre in Bohol, Philippines is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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    Travel Tips – Things to Remember When in Manila

    by on Mar.27, 2011, under Travel

    If Manila is your next destination, it is better if you spend some time taking a background check about the city. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy your stay without missing anything whether it is for business or just a leisure trip. Manila is the beautiful and busy city of the Philippines where you can find a lot of high-rise establishments, five star resorts and hotels, huge shopping centers, fabulous pubs and fine restaurants. For you to fully enjoy your stay, you need to remember some important matters.

    One important travel tip you need to remember when coming to Manila is regarding the clothes you need to wear. Do not bring heavy winter clothes and other winter paraphernalia because there is no place you can wear them. Philippines is a tropical country with moderate temperature all year round. People will look at you like you are some kind of a space alien if you stroll in malls with a winter get up. Only bring light clothes such as short pants, dresses, sleeveless, t-shirts and the like. Flip flops, stilettos and sandals are the best choice and wearing boots is not really recommended. If you go to crowded places such as markets or walk on streets, it is best if you wear ordinary clothes that does not draw out a lot of attention. Also minimize wearing valuable belongings like jewelries, expensive watches and high end gadgets in these areas. Who knows a robber can be just right behind you.

    Another thing you need to remember is to grab a map at the nearest bookstore. A map will bring you to your desired destination. When you are riding a cab you can keep track of your way while taking notes on important landmarks or if you have rented a car a map will be you guide. Most maps also come with the recommended tourist attractions like historical spots, 5 star hotels and resorts, shopping centers, fine restaurants and famous pubs.

    Do not forget to learn even just the most common Tagalog words. Even though most Filipinos can understand English it is still better if you know a little of their native dialect for you will never realize its importance until you have encountered an illiterate Filipino who does not have a clue on what you are talking about. Just imagine how convenient it is if you speak in their language. You will exactly get every detail of your demands because you are easily understood, you will be able to get accurate information that you need because you can explain clearly what you want and most of all, you will be able to win more friends because they feel the walls in between were destroyed and they feel comfortable talking to you.

    Wherever you plan to go, always spend some time knowing the place’s background so that you will know what to do in case something goes wrong. Your country’s embassy location is also one of the important things to consider. They are your only shield if ever you got involved in some troubles. Always plan you little adventure, for this will help you organize your trip and you will be able to utilize your time during your stay, discover something new and gain a few friends. Planning will give you the utmost enjoyment you deserve during your stay.

    Learn more about translation Filipino to English. All about Filipino wordsand read about a unique love story.

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    Boracay Picnic: The Preferred Summer Vacation

    by on Mar.26, 2010, under Vacations

    I’m pretty sure that vacationers must have heard about the paradise called Boracay in the Philippines as of the moment. It’s truly a famous getaway where the sun is brightly shines for the whole year, where the waves are truly ideal for surfing plus the sand is really as white as powder. With all that, it’s been a preferred vacation spot for tourists and beach goers who wants to go for a swim or just for a picnic. I opt do everything that I could when I go there.

    Seeing the turquoise water wash up in the shore makes me want to go in to its crystal clear water and take a dip. I do more than just a dip. I take a plunge and enjoy it for hours. While you’re in the water, you can view the wide stretch of the beach with a lot of people sunbathing, kids are playing, some people are having a good and relaxing massage while they doze off and what I notice is that a lot of people are eating their packed lunch.

    In case you are in a budget, I suggest that you give packed lunch a chance instead of buying food from the stores at the beach front because you’ll have a hard time looking for cheap food there. A lot of vendors usually charge double for their particular goods. I know. This happens everywhere and there is nothing we can do about it. Which is why I am telling you that it is smarter to pack your own food. In case you really don’t prefer carrying many stuff to the beach, then you can find numerous stores that don’t sell their products like you are paying for everything else. To be fair with the vendors, there happen to be a number who stick with the suggested retail price of their commodities and they keep it that way because folks buy from them. You can easily also provide a little thermos to maintain your hot coffee when you drink it at the shore.

    It’s really very dramatic when you and your friends go on a picnic and you choose the beach as your picnic venue. Good memories as well as lasting ones are made in this tiny island. Once the sun is about to set, you’ll see everybody scampering to get their cameras ready to take photos of themselves and their loved ones with the sunset as the background. I have one of those, too.

    It’s actually a must for just about every traveler who goes to Boracay to have at least one pictures taken with the sunset. When the night comes, this is when the party starts. Well, the party begins just before the sun sets but the fire dancers come out at night to make it more exciting.

    The beach front would still have lights available so you do not have to worry that you will be having a picnic in the dark. They’ll provide you with fire lamps that you can lay on the sand as you go on with your picnic. Don’t worry. The picnic by the beach doesn’t stop there. Given that you are on vacation, you will be able to have your picnics on the sand whenever you want.

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