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Chinese culture has a strong linkage with the process of symbolism. Out of the several views of Chinese culture that is involved in utility of symbols, one of the event is the Chinese New Year.

The various unique symbols and rituals that are associated with the Chinese New Year have nothing to do with the solar calendar as the world follows. The event of Chinese New Year is not celebrated on the first of January, however, in the eyes of the Japanese people, these symbols have great cultural and historical importance.

You will find the collection of Chinese new years symbols to be representing profound meanings in an interesting and awe inspiring visual manner. The collection of New Year symbols is a fine example of balanced art between form and function.

The unbeatable physical creativity of the Chinese New Year symbols is a proof of the region’s artistic talents and beauty. Each comes with a particular meaning that gives us an insight of the beliefs and traditions of the people of China.

Identification of when correctly Chinese New Year lies in comparison to the Western New Year can be discussed now. The difference lies in the fact that the western world follows the solar calendar whereas the Chinese traditionally follow the lunar calendar.

The lunar calendar as the name refers is based upon the cycles of the moon. This is one of the reasons why you will find most of the calendars printed in China to display both the Gregorian as well as the Chinese lunar calendar dates. Such calendars make it simple for others to compare the dates and keep up to date with current trends.

The desires that come with the arrival of the Chinese New Year is to have a content and happy spirit and hopefully some prosperity. Thus, the collection of Chinese New Year symbols are considered to be positive with due respect to their meanings.

Flowers are the most well known symbol of the Chinese New Year. This was because the Chinese traditionally believed in making use of some natural product as they were more attracted towards them and therefore the selection of flowers. The plum blossom and water narcissus are the two most popular flower symbols of the Chinese New Year.

Another significant traditional New Year symbol is the hong-bao which is actually a lai-see envelope. This is an envelope consisting of money which is handed over to the kids by the elders of the family on the eve of the New Year. It is considered to be one of the Chinese New Year symbols.

Chinese kanji characters are an old form of script that is very artistic. If you want to read more on Chinese animal characters click the links.

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    Top Reasons To Choose A Party Magician

    by on Sep.20, 2010, under Travel

    For entertainment purposes, a party magician is the perfect selection for gatherings of all kinds. However, if you decide to pursue this option, there are many things to think about. You must think of the cost of such a service in addition to the kind of routine that you are looking for. An evaluation of the makeup of your audience is also necessary.

    Throughout this article, we will look at the many variables associated with hiring a party magician. I will look at the different types of gatherings that might benefit from a magician as well. The world of magic has been a mystery to many in the public and has provided unique entertainment for many generations. It is my hope that this time honored craft can provide great enjoyment to your celebration.

    For All Ages: The first thing that must be evaluated before completing a hire, is the age of your audience. Young children do not have the attention span to watch a show that is not fast paced and engaging. For adults however, this is not the case. A mature audience can be entertained by a show that is both patient and intricate. Make sure you ask for a description of his or her routine before hiring a specific magician.

    Being Economical: For any kind of service, the amount of money spent is always an issue. Be aware online promotions or coupons. Also, you might want to shop around and ask for discounts when comparing various magician services. Getting high quality and the best price is the objective.

    Strength in Numbers: Another important variable is the size of your party. For small groups, a single competent performer is more than enough. However, if you are planning a gathering for a large group, you might consider enlisting a team of magicians to provide elaborate and enjoyable routines.

    A Happy Birthday: For young children, a party magician is the perfect choice for a birthday party. The youngsters will be sure to be entertained for this event. Moreover, parents can get to know each other while the kids are enjoying the entertainment.

    Hard at Work: Annually, there are many companies that organize a party to show appreciation to employees. Such an event might prove to be the perfect setting for this type of entertainment. A magic show can provide many smiles and boost morale for an entire staff.

    A Nightly Party: For those who are interested in a truly professional and experienced magician, a magic club might be the ideal choice. Such an establishment can accommodate large parties and rowdy crowds. Moreover, because magic is their specialty, you will be sure to get a good show.

    This article has made it clear that there are many things that are necessary for you to consider before hiring an expert skilled in magic. Examining the characteristics of the party guests and determining what type of act you want are paramount to organizing a celebration. Once you have made all of the necessary decisions you can then move to search for the most appropriate deal to pursue.

    A party magician specifically london magician is the ideal choice for parties of all kinds. If you are thinking about such a move, there are many things to think about.

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