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Paris Metro: Money Saving Tips For The City’s Subway

by on Mar.01, 2011, under France Travel

Traveling on the Paris subway system (Le Metro) is an excellent way to explore the city on the cheap. And like many popular destinations, Paris offers a tourist card called Paris Visite Carte, but as we found out it may not be the cheapest way to ride the city’s subway.

Sure, the Paris Visite Card maybe the easiest way to start using the Paris Metro, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its the most budget friendly. Depending on what day of the week you arrive in Paris, and how long you are staying, a better (cheaper) option maybe to purchase the weekly or monthly pass known as Passe Navigo Decouverte, which is only available through RATP/SNCF ticket windows in the subway and at train stations. One of the main differences between the two passes, is that the Paris Visite Card is valid from the first day of use, while the Passe Navigo Decouverte takes effect at the start of each week or month.

Except for Disneyland and Versailles, Paris’ famous sights and attractions can be found inside subway zones 1 and 2. Check out the fare chart below to see the different price categories for the Paris’ Metro and subway passes. All prices are in Euros.

Le Metro Individual Tickets:

One ticket 1.70

Book of 10 tickets 12.00

Single-use ticket purchased on a bus

Le Metro Paris Visite Carte

Zones 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day

1-3 9.30 15.20 20.70

1-6 19.60 29.90 41.90

* A perk to the Paris Visite Card is that the tourist pass can be used for discounts for various sightseeing tours and attractions in the city, for example, 20-40% admission discounts to Arc de Triomphe, the Opera House and the Pantheon.

Paris’ Pass Navigo Decouverte

Zones Week Month

1 – 2 17.20 56.60

1 – 3 22.70 74.40

1 – 4 27.90 91.70

1 – 5 33.40 109.90

1 – 6 37.60 123.60

*It cost an additional one-time 5 euro fee to obtain the Paris’ Navigo Pass. In addition, A passport size photo, which you can supply or purchase from a photo booth near the ticket window for 4 euro , is also required for your Paris weekly or monthly Navigo Pass, which is transferable between your Paris’ Navigo Pass.

Considered one of the most efficient transit systems in the world, I highly recommend picking up one of the passes for your Paris travels.

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The City Of Paris In Your Hands

by on Feb.26, 2011, under France Travel

To be able to go to exotic countries and go to different lands is a luxury that not many can afford to do. And with airports becoming more and more of a hassle, why not seek out an alternative to open up the world we live in? A book of travel photography is a straightforward and convenient remedy.

Travel photography can capture a place and bring it right to you, without you ever having to set foot in an airport. You can instead make a foreign land come into your possession, and for a lot less of your hard earned cash. Unlock the world and explore with ease!

This is all made possible with the book “Best Pictures of Paris“, a wonderful collection of over a hundred color images of France’s most renowned city.

In these eighty-six pages, see the most alluring sites in a well-known enchanting city. Soak in the atmosphere of the famous Champs-Elysees, have a cupful of coffee next to the Seine River, or appreciate the sun at the Luxembourg Gardens.

A collection like this also makes a wonderful gift for those who love France and French culture, those who are looking to journey to Paris, or those who are studying the beautiful French language. Even someone interested in world architecture can marvel at the classical Parisian designs seen in these pages.

Don’t think of this great collection as a mere gift or way to see a lot of world, however. This collection of photos is a method to see Paris as it is today. It’s a freeze-frame of one of the greatest European cities, stopping time in an ever changing and morphing world. You can share this book with generations arrive at show Paris as it’s now, and you will marvel at how it will change in the foreseeable future.

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Using A Paris Photo Book To Plan Your Next Vacation

by on Feb.25, 2011, under France Travel

Sometimes when planning a holiday, you know where you need to go but are unsure of how to plan your time wisely. For example, if you wish to visit Paris, France you already know there are dozens of landmarks that are a must see, but maybe you aren’t interested in them all. Looking at a book or more with photos of the main tourist attractions can help you decide which ones to include in your list.

The first place the average tourist visits is the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. Those are a given when visiting this city. But not everyone wants to stay in the mainstream, they want to see something that isn’t talked about as much, but which is still a great site to visit. So many popular sites like the Palace of Versailles and the Seine River overshadows other beautiful sites.

Buying yourself a book with good luck attractions like the “Best Pictures of Paris: Top Tourist Attractions Including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre-Coeur Basilica, Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon, Orsay Museum, City hall and more” can get you started. This tourist attraction guidebook has a hundred photos of places to take in, whether they are main stream or not.

Some enjoy the Parisian architecture above all else or visiting the Luxembourg Gardens. Because this has pictures of places like the Champ de Mars, the Latin Quarter, and Vosges Square, it is possible to view places that others don’t talk about frequently, but are worth seeing. This also provides photos of places such as the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais to offer a perception of what you could experience in visiting those.

The high quality photos permits you to experience a feeling as in case you are right there, viewing the place in person. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this book proves that. As you go through the photos, you’ll be able to take a look at all the places that you feel are essential in visiting and putting them near the top of your list. Then you can use your free time for those other popular places like the Champs-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe.

Before planning a holiday this year, take some time to see what books are available on your destination to assist you choose the best sites to visit. As anyone going to Paris let you know, after exploring the book mentioned here, it is probably the best in its niche because the photos capture the feel for the city and the landmarks. It guides you to the best tourist attractions suited to you, without getting stuck in the mainstream landmarks.

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