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The best things to do in Orlando for free

by on Apr.01, 2013, under Travel

I know exactly what you’re thinking. “Free in Orlando? Whatever!” Well in actuality there are lots of free attractions in Orlando. Now obviously they aren’t going to be as awesome as the more established attractions in Orlando, but if you’re on a low budget and you are looking to fill a day in, don’t forget to check a couple of these out.

The Boardwalk in Walt Disney World

Take a relaxed stroll along the Boardwalk at Disney World. A re-creation of a 1930s-style Atlantic coastal town. The 45-acre waterfront district is well-known for its very own nightclubs and entertainment hot spots, however the entire family can enjoy the various magicians, street musicians, and entertainers free of charge.

Celebration – A Town Built by Disney

Wander the side walks of the community of Celebration. The neighborhood, built by Disney Imagineers, is a mixture of historic-themed residences and modern technology. Admire the old-fashioned establishments and let the children play in the interactive fountains. Go to the farmers market on a Sunday morning, and check out the many free events made available by Reading Trout Books. Tourists may even notice (artificial) snowfall in December.

Downtown Disney/ Disney Springs

You don’t need to spend money on a ticket to experience Disney’s retail stores and entertainment. Wander the streets of Downtown Disney and Disney Springs for a number of boutiques and dining spots. Watch glassblowers at Arribas Brothers and pay a visit to the 4,400-square-foot (409-square-meter) LEGO Imagination Center to experience a “beat-the-clock” building contest, or view a 12-foot (3.6-meter) T. Rex and 30-foot (9-meter) sea serpent, each manufactured from thousands of LEGO bricks. And be sure to check out their Festival of the Masters (November), an arts-and-crafts event where kids can make their own chalk drawings.

The Firework Shows

Simply because you aren’t in the park, it doesn’t mean you can’t watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks. There are a few superb viewing spots by the Magic Kingdom Resort Hotels. A number of my favorites are Bay Lake Tower, The Polynesian Resort beach, along with The Grand Floridian Resort. These places will often play the background music to make sure you get the full experience.

Spook Hill

Every single year, tourists who vacation in Orlando pay a visit to Lake Wales to see if the old Legend of Spook Hill is true. A sign marks the spot where you are able to stop your vehicle, leave it in neutral, and watch as your car rolls up the hill. Many claim to have heard the laughter of Children, but the legends can’t be true, can they?

Grab your free free orlando vacation guide and find other great disney fun at The Orlando Vacation Tips Blog.

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    Finding an Apartment in Orlando, Florida

    by on May.30, 2011, under Travel

    The decision to move to another city or state can be very difficult and stressful for many people. For others picking up and moving on a whim is an easy decision, and is viewed as adventurous. Whether you are the type of person who likes to move around a lot, or the type of person who thinks moving is a critical decision, checking out the Orlando apartments for rent will be an exiting and rewarding experience.

    Why are the apartments in Orlando, Florida so wonderful? Of course the close proximity an apartment in Orlando would have to the city’s attractions like Sea World, Disney World, Convention Center, and the Orlando International airport is a plus. Also the city offers great jogging trails, delicious food, and a beautifully diverse community. Depending on where you choose to live, shopping districts are scattered all around the city, and some may even be within walking distance of your new home. Also, finding employment downtown Orlando would be a bonus and provide for a short commute.

    The first step to finding a new apartment in Orlando is to make a list of the features and amenities you would like for your apartment. Do you need a pool, covered parking, or a storage space? Will you need access to a gym, computer lab, or media room? Do you have a family if so, is there a park nearby, a school, the church of your preference? How far will the commute be to and from work? Do you have a pet, and if so what is the pet policy at the apartments you are looking at? Also, determine your price range for rent and other upfront fees such as an application fee, security deposit, and pet fee.

    After you have narrowed down the prices and features you want, do an online search to help narrow down the locations you might like to live in. This will allow you to find out some information about the neighborhoods in those areas. Visit during both daylight and night time to make sure you’ll be comfortable getting around and you feel safe. Also, look to see if the area has the nearby conveniences you need. For example, if you are single, see if there are some clubs and bars close by. Also, don’t forget to make sure you are happy with the terms of the lease at the place you choose.

    Apartments in Orlando will differ in amenities offered, size, and level of comfort level depending on what you are willing to spend. Save some time researching Orlando apartment rentals by checking out The District at Universal Boulevard. The District Apartments are a popular place to live in Orlando. This is a new complex and leasing fast. The District at Universal Boulevard offers a variety of amenities, floor plans, and price plans to fit a variety of needs. Also, this complex is in a great location and offers some great community and apartment features! Where ever you chose to live just remember location and style of your apartment influences your life in many ways so make sure your new home gives you luxurious feeling.

    Looking to find the best deal on Orlando apartments for rent? Go to http://perennialproperties.net to find a great place to live in Orlando . Just click on Orlando Fl, and find The District at Universal Boulevard.

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      Getting Cheap Flights to Orlando

      by on Jan.28, 2011, under Vacations

      Get cheap flights to Orland and have your vacation in one of the world’s most cheerful and carefree spots in the world. Orlando is the home of many family amusement parks and with cheap flights to Orlando, you get to experience a lot of smiles for an affordable price!

      To get started on cheap flights to Orlando, you will need to travel off season. A lot of tourists frequent these amusement parks therefore during the peak season; prices can soar up to 50 percent more than usual. The peak season here is around March to spring break and Easter weekends, Christmas and also June to August. You might want to avoid these times to get cheaper prices.

      If you take flights from Daytona Beach International Airport and Tampa International Airport, you might get lower prices than expected. You also get to avoid crowds if you chance to be going in to Orlando on peak season.

      You will find that a lot of major flights land on Orlando. Some examples of major US airlines are Delta, US Airways, Air Trans, American Airlines and Jet Blue. You will find that you can get a lot of cheap flights here – you might want to check individual airline sites.

      To get cheap flights, you can book them in advance of you can avail them in packages. You will find that you can get also get special packages that already include a trip to Disney World, Sea world and Orlando Resort.

      You can also compare rates among the different airports in Orlando. Each has its own perks and down sides. You can choose which airport is most convenient for you.

      You can also get cheap flights to Orlando by availing tickets to budget airlines. They offer cheap options to travel to Orlando.

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