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Panama To Develop New Metro Subway System

by on Jul.30, 2012, under Travel

People from three outlying areas all try to enter Panama city center every weekday morning between 6 and 8 o’clock in the morning. Rapid population growth, high emissions from bus pollution and a lack of alternatives to private automobiles all point to an urgent need for an efficient public transportation system in Panama. Construction has begun on Metro Line One of Panama, the first subway to be built in Central America. It is due for completion in 2013 and it is planned to be open in 2014. Feasibility studies are under way for a second line.

Metro Line One will be open from early in the morning until midnight, seven days a week. It will be able to carry 40,000 passengers an hour. It will be roughly 14 km in length. Five of its eleven stations will be elevated. These will run between the southern terminus at Los Andes and a station at 12 de Octobre. Five other stations will be located underground and the eleventh will be a combination of the two.

The company that will manufacture the rolling stock is based in France. The first line will run from Allbrook at the northern end to the commercial of Panama City, Los Andes, in the south. Line One will divide the city into two halves. The journey time is expected to be 23 minutes from one end of the line to the other. There are proposals to build a ‘government city’ on the line around the stop planned at Curundu.

The actual railway line from which the track will be constructed has been successfully employed in Barcelona, Santo Domingo and other parts of the world. Stations will be unique in style and are planned to make extensive use of natural light. The trains will operate efficiently and make the most use of energy. The insides of the carriages are being designed to provide the passenger with a ride that is both safe and comfortable. Facilities are being planned for passengers with limited mobility.

The Metro subway will complement the Metrobus project which is already underway. It is hoped that the new buses will replace the iconic but overcrowded, dingy and aging private Red Devil bus line. The Red Devils appear to have been American school buses in a previous incarnation. They are iconic because of their cheeky graffitti style livery.

The Metro Line subway will be of direct benefit to long-suffering commuters who have been putting up with long journey times to work as a result of oppressive traffic congestion. Everyone in the urban area will benefit indirectly as a result of improved traffic flow. In parallel with the construction of the subway, there will be a realignment of the roads.

Temporary road closures were announced in June 2011 for road 12 di Diciembre and Via Simon Bolivar. This is to allow new water pipes to be installed. Throughout the closures, only residents, local shopkeepers and pedestrians will be allowed access. Work also began in May 2011 on the northern section of the subway.

The former Allbrook Air Force Base, now an international airport named after Marcos A Gelabert, is located near the northern terminus of the subway about one and a half kilometers west of the center of Panama City. Gelabert founded the first pilot training school here. Tragically, he perished in a plane accident and the airport is named in his honor.

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    Visit The Basra

    by on Apr.08, 2012, under Travel

    Plenty of people are looking for a few new places to visit on their vacations. Since aeroplanes came into being, the world has become a much smaller place and other countries have become a great deal more accessible to those who enjoy travel. Something you must do if you are one of these people is visit Basra at least once.

    Although historic Basra has been damaged by the war in Iraq it is still renowned for its part in “Arabian nights” and for being the country where Sinbad the sailor came from. And reconstruction is in progress at the moment thanks to the citizens of that city.

    If you do visit Basra you ought to have a look at all four palaces. They belonged to the president and can provide a good insight into historic Basra. Then there is the Indian bazaar and the five star hotel to visit. If you prefer religious history, you would be able to see the very first mosque which was built outside of the Arabian Peninsula. For those who prefer a little more nature, you will not be disappointed. There are many different species of bird which pass over and through on their migration route as well as the Basra warbler.

    The weather in Basra is great for tourism. It can get warm and humid because of the proximity of the city to the sea. This does mean that the winters will not get too cold to bear however.

    Historical Basra is a really fascinating city to visit. It is rich in historical heritage and is a truly beautiful city. It is most definitely a good idea to visit Basra if you ever get the chance to do so.

    No one should miss doing a visit Basra tour of some kind. It is a beautiful city and you are sure to enjoy it. Make sure that you know the customs though. You really do not want to get into trouble with the various authorities in that particular area of the world at any point in your life!

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      Adventures to Jupiter – Exploration the Cosmos

      by on Apr.07, 2012, under Travel

      Our solar system has nine planets Jupiter will be the fifth one particular of all. The latest research on the planet Jupiter showed that, it consists of 57 moons. The names of several of the moons that are present around the Jupiter are adrrastea, elara, leda, himalia, lysithea and several others. All the planets were found with the aid of your most up-to-date technologies. Numerous scientists together with the support of their most up-to-date investigation also discovered other four planets named sinope, anake, carme and pesiphae.

      After discovery, numerous moons from the Jupiter other 12 moons had been also discovered. In in between the two moon that are sinope and pasiphea seven other moons are also present. The moon from the jupiter which has the largest plus the widest diameter are known as amalthea. Adrastea and metis are the two moons that rotate in the innermost orbit extremely close for the planet. These moons also have gravity that keeps their particles to move away from the surface.

      The newly discovered moons are very little in size, so they are not deemed portion of your solar system. These newly discovered moons haven’t been given any name by the scientists. Galilean will be the biggest moon of all moons of Jupiter, and it is actually named immediately after a well-known scientist named as Galileo. The biggest moon of your Jupiter was found by the popular scientist Galileo in 1610. Right after this discovery, lots of scientists of distinctive area claimed that they have discovered these moons just before Galileo, but they had not published their discoveries inside the paper.

      Lo is the only moon on the solar technique that has volcanoes. Sulfur with different color scheme is present on the surface on the moon named as Lo. The orbital shape from the moon is elliptical. All the moons in the planet Jupiter play an important role in the oceans in the Jupiter. They mainly impact the tides from the ocean in the planet. Hot silicate magma derives different volcanoes with the moons Lo. Europa is recognized as one of the largest moon with the Jupiter many various researches showed that the surface from the ice contains water under it. Europa would be the one planet that has a sizable quantity of water on it just like the planet earth.

      Ganymede may be the moon which has its magnetic field internally generated. It really is the biggest moon in the solar program even larger from the planet Mercury. The moons about the Jupiter turn the moment on their axis for each and every orbit.

      Around Jupiter, Himalia, Elara, Pasiphea, Sinope, Lysithea and Carme, Ananke and Leda discovered in 1904, 1905, 1908, 1914, 1938,1951,1974 respectively. For two decades, there had been no far more moons found around the Jupiter, but amongst the October 1999 and February 2003, there had been 32 a lot more moons found by the researchers.

      Metis is the moon which is incredibly closest towards the planet. The distance of the moon from the planet is 70, 500 miles. It remains rotating within the same orbit by creating a ring about the planet. The chief scientist identified as Stephen found the moon known as metis. The other moon which is recognized as adrastea will be the second closest moon of Jupiter. It was discovered in 1980 and has a diameter of 68 x 56 miles.

      Jupiter consists of many other moons rotating around it. They are of different sizes and functions. Their sizes differ from the a single a further. Some are little in size even though some are massive. Like the size, the distance of moons from the planet along with the mass of all of the moons are also diverse from one an additional.

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