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The Zen Of Great Journeys

by on Nov.26, 2015, under Adventures

The greatest adventure you could ever go on is calling you.

It’s the greatest adventure of your life in fact. It’s an adventure that could change your entire life.

What would it take to answer that call even if you were scared?

What if you could have a dream that wasn’t under control? What if you could begin a voyage that would never end? What would that look like? How big could you dream?

Winston Churchill once famously claimed, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Churchill has it right as it really is all about changing and improving upon your life constantly. If you can adapt and adjust to situations and prevent yourself from getting too attached to things you can really take things up another level.

The journey of a lifetime isn’t a journey really to anywhere in particular but rather a commitment to seeing what you could really do with your life.

Maybe that deep fear is of being alone, not being important enough, or failing to make an impact on the world. Perhaps that deep fear is only something that you actually know within and have been scared to tell any other person. But when you confront that fear and dedicate the rest of your life to a mission, it subsides and the chances of life open up in front of you.

Stop running from your fears and life will continue to surprise you in the best ways possible.

Many might think this idea is pure moonshine, but I have seen it occur with my own eyes in my own life and to the various lives of others I have coached professionally. When you face your fears and come to a decision to go on a journey, you become the hero of your own story. You give yourself the chance to be consistently surprised by life and live in precisely the way you’re fully free from your greatest fears.

So what will it be today? Fear or adventure?

Evan Sanders is a fearless adventurer, professional life coach and writer. He is on a mission to incite the hearts and minds of those around him and help them live their best lives. Read more of his work at The Better Man Projects and throw yourself into these Quotes About Strength for some more inspiration and motivation.

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    Gay Vacations In 2010 To New Zealand

    by on May.19, 2011, under Vacations

    New Zealand offers an environmental and cultural diversity that has long been appealing for gay tours. There is little doubt that the appeal of New Zealand comes, in part, from laws that protect the LGBT community from discrimination and the warm, accepting attitudes of the populace, as well as the various adventures that New Zealand offers and its pristine natural beauty.

    Those looking for gay vacations in New Zealand will find that they can choose between snow skiing at several popular resorts, lounging on pristine beaches, exploring unspoiled wilderness or taking part in a lively, cosmopolitan local scene in several different New Zealand cities. Whether folks are looking for community LGBT Pride events, mountain adventures, cultural immersion or a quiet family vacation in a seaside resort, New Zealand is an ideal choice for gay vacations of any kind.

    Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch are a few of New Zealand’s larger cities that are home to thriving LGBT populations, a variety of Pride events and an array of pubs, clubs, restaurants and businesses that welcome the community. For travelers interested in a city-based gay vacation, these cities are great options that are sure to delight visitors looking for an exciting nightlife and numerous dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities. Travelers looking to fit a bit of snowboarding or skiing into their trip will be happy to know that both South Island and North Island have ski resorts, which allows for day trips to the snow in between touring historical sites, going to cultural events or traveling to some of the smaller islands of New Zealand.

    A gay vacation to New Zealand can be focused on spiritual renewal, beach-going and fun in the sun, skiing and snowboarding, or amazing outdoor adventures for couples, friends or families. With so much to choose from, and so many things to see, it is impossible to fit it all in a single trip; however, partaking in a gay vacation that has been organized by a professional tour company is one way to ensure that you will not miss out on some of the greatest things that New Zealand has to offer.

    For travelers who would rather go it alone, working with a gay vacations agency to plan your excursion is an ideal option, which allows you to get the latest information that might be of interest to LGBT travelers and to find out about current hotspots and destinations that are popular with the community.

    Article about New Zealand written by Howie Holben. Howie runs Spirit Journeys, a gay tours organization. Spirit Journeys suggests spiritual gay vacations world wide.

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    Gay Destinations: South Africa

    by on Apr.08, 2011, under Vacations

    South Africa has had a tumultuous human rights history, but even before reversing course with the elimination of apartheid, penning the worlds first constitution to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and being among the first nations to legalize same-sex marriage, South Africa was popular for gay vacations. Since these history-making events, South Africa has become even more popular with both straight and gay travelers. As Africa’s most gay-friendly country, South Africa enjoys a thriving gay culture that spans the country from Gauteng with its exhilarating nightlife to the exquisite beaches of Western Cape and continues to grow as an enticing gay vacation destination.

    Gay vacations to South Africa often include stops or entire stays in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria where gay and lesbian travelers will find an array of gay-centered and gay-friendly events, activities and establishments. There are a wide variety of establishments that cater specifically to gay men, including guest houses exclusively for gay men, Camp David in Pretoria, which is a private all-male nude bar, and the bathhouses ” called steam baths or steam saunas ” in Cape Town. As in many areas, gay culture in South Africa centers primarily around activities and establishments for gay men; however, lesbians and families also have many opportunities for fun-filled gay vacations in this culturally- and historically-rich country, including gay-friendly tours organized by companies dedicated to working with the gay and lesbian community.

    September is gay pride month in South Africa, making this a great time to visit for gay men and lesbians looking for a gay tour that includes pride celebrations and a variety of other events, such as the Out in Africa South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, which takes place in both Johannesburg and Cape Town and draws over 16,000 international attendees. Cape Town is also the home of the annual Mother City Queer Project costume party that brings over 10,000 international visitors to South Africa each December. Of course, Cape Town is also home to Clifton’s Third Beach and nearby Sandy Bay nudist beach, both of which are extremely popular hangouts for gay men, and also has a gay village offering many gay-owned and gay-friendly establishments in Green Point. Picking up a copy of local gay publications like Exit and Outright will keep travelers up on what is going on during their stay and provide additional information about the best places to hang out or grab a bite to eat in a gay-friendly restaurant.

    Dining options during gay vacations are plentiful with many choices that include options like the gay-owned Lola’s vegetarian caf in Cape Town, dining in an old farmhouse on a 21-acre farm at the Bellgables Country Restaurant in Johannesburg, or fine dining at gay-friendly Emily’s, an award winning Cape Town eatery offering South African cuisine, as well as a beer bar and wine bar.

    To ensure a great gay travel experience in South Africa, enlist the assistance of a professional travel agency when planning your trip. Travel agents that regularly organize gay trips to South Africa will have up-to-date information about the best places to stay, eat and play, as well as safety tips for exploring in areas that may not be as accepting.

    Travel to South Africa thoughts penned by Howie Holben. His company, Spirit Journeys, is a gay vacations firm. Spirit Journeys presents spiritual gay travel throughout the world.

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